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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Check it out!

Browsing through the Starting Line photos section I found something really cool >>>>>>>>
Thats me, forever immortalized on their web page so I can say "I was there. No!... Seriously!.... I was!"

They are playing in fullerton on August 24th, but I cant go cause Fiddler has a show at the same time. DAMN THE MAN!

logged by Unknown at 10:47 PM

I LOVE THE INTERNET. At Games.com you can play board games such as monopoly and clue in addition to the normal games yahoo and pogo have. SWEEEEEEEEEET!

logged by Unknown at 7:27 PM

Sunday, July 28, 2002

1. I saw Goldmember at 10:15 last Friday night. A couple had brought their child who couldn’t have been over 5. Lull and behold; the child proceeded to yell and scream throughout the movie. Please slap me if I ever do this with my own child.

2. Sometime this weekend a gang shootout took place a few blocks from my home. Tonight as I type (11:20) children (they sound around 10) are playing in the street and making quite a bit of noise I might add. Once again, if I ever decide that this is O.K. please slap me.

3. Last Sunday I was recast in Fiddler on the Roof as Mendel. I have many more lines and much more blocking to remember. - Tomorrow I must be off book at a important show run through rehearsal. – Tonight I forgot my script, which I desperately need, in a friends car. You can slap me for doing this next time you see me.

logged by Unknown at 11:39 PM

MusicalMoni: i hate normal
OficrPacey: me too
OficrPacey: which is why I am proud to be abnormal
MusicalMoni: amen! me 2
OficrPacey: Mazeltov!
MusicalMoni: haha

logged by Unknown at 12:15 AM

Thursday, July 25, 2002

I am now a Tournament Director of Hell Rasin Yahoo Pool League. So my job is to make tournaments and direct them. Its kinda fun, but this means if your are reading this I want you to join the league and come to my tournaments! They really are alot of fun and you meet cool people along the way. :)
So follow the link and click on free sign up kay? awsome.

logged by Unknown at 10:52 PM

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

i am tired and cranky (not exactly the height of my friendlyness) and my girlfriends friend is trying to start drama. Going on about how she thinks I dont like her. Maybe if she werent always around, or 15, or always talking shit about someone I'd be a little nicer to her.

x his dead touch: tell me something...
x his dead touch: do you dislike me?
OficrPacey: No
x his dead touch: are you being honest? because i'd prefer it if you were.
OficrPacey: well sometimes its sorta hard with you around. but its not you, its the thrid wheel thing
x his dead touch: why do you suppose i try to leave the room?
x his dead touch: you're right though. i guess it would be easier with me not around. as of friday, i won't be.
OficrPacey: is that whenyou move?
x his dead touch: yes. but technically, i'm already gone.
x his dead touch: i'm not at my house tonight, tomorrow maybe but that's it. so be happy.
OficrPacey: well i wasnt mad at your before
x his dead touch: it always seems like you do. it's either you having a problem with me or a constant stick up your ass when i'm around and i couldn't imagine why. i had no problem with you.....so why was there any is how i see it.
x his dead touch: .....
OficrPacey: yea, I dont dislike you. but I was annoyed that you were around every time I saw julia
OficrPacey: thats all
x his dead touch: so why have anything against me?
x his dead touch: how is it my problem?
OficrPacey: i never said it was your problem
x his dead touch: you act like a jerk to me, that is my problem.
x his dead touch: do you even see where i'm coming from?
OficrPacey: yes i do
x his dead touch: do you care where i'm coming from?
x his dead touch: i don't know why i bother, if you don't like me, tuff. if you don't like me being around, tuff. but you are not gonna affect my relationship with my best friend. i'm moving, i don't have to see you. hell i'm not even gonna see julia as often. so enjoy.
OficrPacey: all you are doing is causing drama here lindsey. I really have no objection to you or you being around
x his dead touch: obviously you do if i can sense it. it's not quite drama because it's not a fight it's telling you that i won't be in your way anymore.
OficrPacey: so last time i saw you wasnt a good day. so what, doesnt mean i hate you
x his dead touch: last time, the time before that. anytime. i don't want to be around anyone that couses tension and if you haven't noticed, you do and that's only because i've realized you have some sort of poblem with me, no matter it's size.
x his dead touch: look i'm gonna go. if you wanna talk, feel free to IM me. bye
OficrPacey: bye

logged by Unknown at 1:14 AM

actualy Matt I do love you.

logged by Unknown at 12:35 AM

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Damn I am pissed at blogger, its been screwing up the last week or so and all my posts come on my site late, and it kinda sucks. But I am really busy and dont have time to fix things. Ive been living in a theater, from 10am to 10pm everyday the past week. I dont get out to blog much, but I still love you.

logged by Unknown at 3:25 PM

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Download this, its really funny! Recal.mp3

logged by Unknown at 1:07 AM

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

long overdue song for you to download. Starting line: Gregs Last Day
so tonight Crystal Melissa and Evan and I sat in the sizzler parking lot from 9-12 talking about old times and college and random stuff. Its was lots of fun, especialy in the fact that guys in fast cars with hydrolics kept driving by. They congregated somewhere else, but we kept on thinking one group would eventaly get out and want to race or something. Not that anyone had a car worthy of competition.

logged by Unknown at 12:55 AM

Monday, July 15, 2002

Which era in time are you?

logged by Unknown at 11:27 PM

Sunday, July 14, 2002

My how things have changed. a year ago my old TADW friends and i would sit around and do nothing. Well actualy we still do that stuff, but now most of us have girlfriends or boyfriends. Its kinda weird how things changed like that. Blah blah blah, this really is a half hearted post. I just think that my last post had little or no point to it, nothing worthy of acalaids or linkage. Sometimes I wish I could come up with something cool to say, but it jsut doesnt happen. Sorry.

logged by Unknown at 11:39 PM

Friday, July 12, 2002

I am so drained. Warped tour kicked major ass and I'm just a little tired from walking around Seaside park all day (only sat down once). I saw many bands and really couldn't have asked for a better show. I saw 9 bands total, and they
Anti-Flag - 6/10 - I think these guys and their die hard fans are a little bit off kilter. They say their band is about peace and justice but their songs say "fuck someone" like the government and police. And then the fans push shove punch and kick their way through the set. they don't sound that impressive either but definitely are entertaining.

Reel Big Fish - 7/10 - They were a little off the mark. Their trumpet/singer Scott was somewhere on the freeway and talking to Aaron the singer/guitarist on the cell. Scott heard the set but couldn't be there, and he was sorely missed. But the rest of the band certainly rocked out, but those high backing vocals are one of my favorite things about the fish. I got myself a new RBF t-shirt and a few stickers.

The Starting Line - 9/10 - I commend the singer/bassist of this band, he seems like a cool guy and he loves to play. Along with TSL he sang a song with The Park, and was bassist for half of Yellowcards set. TSL exceeded my expectations and rocked. Also I was surprised at the amount of fans they have and their excitement seeing the band. I got their single from the new album, but haven't listened to it yet

Yellowcard - 7/10 -maybe the biggest disappointment of the day, I couldn't really get into their show. I liked it but I was zoning out most of the time.

Flogging Molly - 8/10 - They rocked as always, however they only played four songs. The really shouldve cut out their 10 minute musical interlude and played an additional song or two. Dont get me wrong they interlude well and last time I saw them the crowd went nuts for it. But when you've only got 30 minutes to play sometimes the audience can get restless.

Thursday - 6/10 - Thursday didn't tickle my fancy much. They weren't bad, but once again I couldn't get into it.

NoFx - 7/10 -  I didn't actually see this band. I was so far back in the crowd it was hard to see who was on stage, and depending on the direction of the wind sometimes it was hard to hear them too. I know, however that they did play a cool set.

Bad Religion - 6/10 - The same as above. A huge crowd wanted to see this band, and we were pretty much at the back of it. I really zoned out during this band, I dont remember much about them except trying to push forward and get into a pit and then giving up and going to another stage before the next band started.

No Use for a Name - 8/10 - I liked these guys. A nice change from the nose bleed section, Danny and I got right up close. They sound good live, the live drums make it more punk then the way it sounds on the CD, they also played an encore.

So nine bands, wow I am bushed. But I also had a lot of fun too.
In punk news Jim Cherry of the band Sugarcult died. I wasnt a fan of the band but my old roomate was so I feel compelled to say something.

logged by Unknown at 11:45 PM

Sometimes I wish Elise had comments in her blog. Shes really distraught over a guy... well actualy two or three guys, and it's all in soap opera like fashion. I say go check it out and make a day of it, cause Danny and I wont be blogging all day 0.o !

logged by Unknown at 9:33 AM

Woa, that was a close one. Almost let 24 hours pass without blogging.

logged by Unknown at 12:53 AM

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Chris K: i whoop yo ass nigga
OficrPacey: thats punk ass nigga to you foo
Chris K: wow. you are one racist mother fucker.
OficrPacey: whateva chris
Chris K: go to hell and die, you fucking polack
OficrPacey: you racisit mother fucker

An entertaining convo with a intresting fellow. I dont think id ever be able to understand him, but i know that once you get under the surface he is a good guy. he has a habit of saying the wrong things tho.

logged by Unknown at 2:01 AM

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.
Screw what this thing says, I think im probably the nothing. But Falkor is definitly rocks! ooo yeah!

logged by Unknown at 6:20 PM

Pretty funny AOL poll:
Do you agree with Michael's accusations?

21% Yes, the music industry is unfair to artists
79% No, Jacko is wacko
Total votes: 37,834

logged by Unknown at 6:11 PM

I just saw Flogging Molly on TV. They are one of the bands playing at warped and I love them. Sorta a Irish pub drinking punk rock band. The whiney mix coming through my tv speakers didnt do justice to the band, oh well. And ive been listening to alot of another Warped band, Starting Line. Pretty cool stuff. if I knew a name of a track id tell it to yah, oh well.

logged by Unknown at 1:53 AM

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Ive been going over some older posts of mine and I gotta say I am one insightfull guy. And I mean this with the most sincere sarcasm I can muster. I had a entire post of "Must start packing, i go home tomorrow. ahhh yes, home." How genious is that! I must have done some deep thinking to get that post so meaningfull. if only I could still figure out what metaphore I was trying to produce. Might have had something to do with cheese, but Im not 100% sure on that one. Ill tell you what, give me a couple days to get back to you on the matter.

logged by Unknown at 2:13 AM

Monday, July 08, 2002

I just returned from a long journey. going from blog to blog and observing, some intresting ones out there. My goal was to see if i could go circle back to myself or even to some random friend of mine.
--It didnt work
I got caught in a circle of bloggers which I am guessing belonged to a group a girls who are close friends since all of them linked to each other.

I also am directing a ten minute play written by a friend of mine, its about Final Fantasy, sorta. Its still a work in progress.

logged by Unknown at 6:00 PM

After rehursal today me and three other guys were looking to vent a little and so they decided to go get a beer. We ended up at El Torito. Now I may not look 21, hell sometimes I dont look 19, but when the waitress asked if I was 21 and I said yes it was proof enough for her. She believed, or didnt care enough to fight, the old "left my wallet at home". So after that the boyz decided to grab some 40s and go to courtneys house and drink it outside before going into her shindig. Anyway I passed on the 40s cause I am a light weight and wasnt totaly into being drunk at her house. Courtney and I talked, both of our b/g friends were outta town and got to talk about them, it was great. I haven't had a good talk with courntey like that in a long while. But after a while the place was winding down and some of us decided to go play poker at Steves place. Now there we always play nickels dimes and quarters, and i put down 5 bucks and lost it all. Not to bad of an amount to lose compared to the total amount of cash ive picked up from these guys in the past. Unfortunately this also ended my gambling winning streak after a year :( . but finaly the blogging forces compeled me to come home and post my day to you all.


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Saturday, July 06, 2002


My slew of bad luck continues: in the last week I ripped my brand new shorts on a nail, cut my right pointer on another nail, burned my left pointer on machinery, got a piece sparkler ash under my foot (and left a large burn), got pushed into the pit at a metal show (gotta nice battle wound), and today i deeply cut my right middle finger with a double stage weight (which was an acceptable altrenative to droping the thirty pound brick from my 80 foot tall platform).

But I suppose things arent all bad, at least Julia come home Tuesday.

logged by Unknown at 5:06 PM

Friday, July 05, 2002


Today I ran into Michelle at CSUN. I havent seen in in forever. We used to talk on the phone everyday for several hours and hung out a lot. But one day I got the idea into my head that I liked her more than a friend. And being my idiot self I proceded to ruin our relationship step by step by trying to make something more out of it. However I ran into a roadblock which I have come across many many times in my lifetime: She didnt want to ruin our friendship (im sure most guys knows that line). I always thought that meant she didnt like me at all and if she didnt want me as a boy friend why would she just want me as a regular friend. Never did it cross my mind that she really did want to be friends or that we had a good friendship going already.
Well as I said today I saw her for the first time in over a year and we started talking, when her friend asked how we knew each other Michelle instant exclaimed that we used to be best friends. Then I looked at her like she was from outer space. I had no idea that she ever thought we were best friends, the idea didnt cross my mind, while I know we were very good friends.

It wasn't till I and was in the shower till I made the connection of some events over the past 4 years or so. The "just a friend" line really was sincere and after that her reasons for being mad werent cause I still liked her. No it was because I wasn't her friend anymore. God I feel like such a fucking idiot! I really did treasure our friendship and now i realise that she did too, probably more than me. And it was my own fault that it dissapeared into nothingness. For some reason this makes me feel a hell of a lot better.

So Michelle this may be waaaay overdue but I am sorry for the things I did, and I hope we can once again be friends.

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Thursday, July 04, 2002

CalPolyBatBoy: life lesson #621: Dont let sparklers get between your feet and your sandals
MeetBlHead: hahahah DUH

logged by Unknown at 10:39 PM

OficrPacey: whatd you think of my "song"
Wildfire00007777: 8 bit feel to it
Wildfire00007777: nintendo memories
I made my own techno mix. Ill have it available for Downloading a little later. :)

logged by Unknown at 10:37 PM

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

My Warped Tour tickets came in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh im soo excited check out the list of bands. How will I ever choose which stage to go to?

logged by Unknown at 7:11 PM

site updated. woohoo!

Happy fourth of July to all the blogers of the world.
Heres some advice: make sure you dont forget to call your Virtual Jewish Mother.

logged by Unknown at 6:39 PM

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Comments by YACCS: check
Counter by Nedstat: check

attention metal heads Diminished is playing at the whiskey this friday July 5th. Check out the web site for more info. Ill be there causing chaos in the pit, maybe ill run into you.

logged by Unknown at 1:15 AM

Monday, July 01, 2002

Give me some time to spruce the place up a little and make it feel like home.

Working on sets isnt all fun and games, today I cut one finger with a stray nail
and burned another with a really hot peice of machinery. You gotta love mondays.
Luckily I got to fall asleep in Alladin Rehusals. All hail the glorious goddess
of sleep!

Since my summer is so incredibly busy i thought Id give you a list of things i
am up too. Maybe youll take pity on me if I dont blog 24/7

  • Performing in Fiddler On the Roof with the Young Actors Company (YAC)

  • Building sets for the TeenAge Drama Workshop (TADW) Shows

  • Assistant Stage Managing Alladin at TADW

  • Directing a student written 10 minute play

On top of all this I just got myself a girlfriend. My summer is pretty
packed, please if you can come out to see the shows, especially the YAC show.

Artist of the month: REEL BIG FISH!!!! New ablum "Cheer Up!" in stores now. Two thumbs up!

logged by Unknown at 5:50 PM

a month ago a shockwave was sent round the world when Bloggers started to get persecuted for their free speech. Several infultration units, code named "PUs," were sent to defuse the situation. Three blogs were left disarmed and were cut loose into cyber space. Scrambling to keep the blogger craze going Danny quickly regrouped and is bouncing back stronger than ever. Samantha was too heart broken to keep her blogging dreams alive. and I decided a break was in need, which my grades greatly appreciated.
So after the chaos that was "Bat Child Found in Cave!" I present A Weirdo Amoung Us. Its my hope that by the end of this blog (and lets hope its a long journey) we will have found and exposed the weirdo which lives out there.... somewhere....

logged by Unknown at 1:24 AM