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Saturday, August 31, 2002

I hate people who flake
I really hate people who flake on me
I despise people who flake on me, especialy when I know they are at a party I should be at too.

I really hate the feeling I get when people flake on me. Its not just the fact that my plans for an evening have gone down the shit hole, its the fact that it reinforces the feeling of outsider. I feel like I am purposefully excluded from a group and that people dont like me but dont have the heart to tell me. I know I am not the most entertaining person alive but goddamnit I always pay for beer and the like, never puke on peoples floor or hog the toilet, and sometimes just sit and listen to people. I hate the fact that I think these people are my friends and might still be but i cant tell. I sit and think about every instance with a group of people and come up with thousands of little hints that I am not liked, but I dont know why. I know what certain things imply but be fucked if I can do much about changing who I am. I hate the fact that I came home for summer and have done nothing but sit online and go to rehursals. I hate the fact that the only parties Ive gone to were cast parties and the only person I really hung out with is my now ex girlfriend. I cant stand the fact that all I do day after day is try to make plans and have them fail. I hate the fact that the last week I have only gone out of the house on two occasions, one being a concert and one being a cast party. I hate the fact that my phone got two phone calls last week (excluding my parents), one asking for money and one wanting me to take a survey. I hate the fact that all of tonight Ill be in a bad and pissy mood. A sour taste is left in my mouth, rotten from flake after flake, memories of lonlieness and hurt.

logged by Unknown at 11:45 PM

"Hey Brian whatcha doing today?"

Aww man, Im layin down some tracks, finishing up some songs in the morning. Then later I gotta go to a party. Such is the life of a rock star.

logged by Unknown at 1:15 PM

This is a shout out to all my Austrailian readers. Ive gotten two hits from the Land down under, and darn if Im not excited. Wonderful band the Living End are from there, and Nicole Kidman was brought up there. For those reasons the place kicks ass!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

logged by Unknown at 2:35 AM

Friday, August 30, 2002

The Princeton Review, known for having tons of best of lists, ranks Cal Poly SLO 4th in the nation for having "Dorms like Dungeons." Lets not forget that less than 17% of the school lives in them (Thats about half the freshman population), and they are filled to the rims. So guess what, the school need a hell of alot more dorms and better ones. I suppose not living in them freshman year wasnt too bad....

logged by Unknown at 5:31 PM

Where have you been?
Is it a coincidence that the two bands Ive been listening to most lately, Reel Big Fish and the Starting line, are going on tour together?
Is it fate that pretty much everything else going on in my life semi-prevents me from not going, but leaves enough room to make a choice.

it should be noted that The starting line were played for the first time today on KROQ as jed the fish's catch of the day.

logged by Unknown at 1:06 AM

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

gennady444: NAARRR!
OficrPacey: LIES
gennady444: that is one creepy little buddy icon u got there
OficrPacey: lol
OficrPacey: I love it
gennady444: it will give me nightmares
OficrPacey: appropriate response, take two and call me in the morning
gennady444: two? ... uh oh
gennady444: is 20 still ok?
OficrPacey: have you lost feeling in your toes?
gennady444: years ago
gennady444: my brain too
OficrPacey: perhaps you should double dose
gennady444: 40 pills?
gennady444: last time i did that i ended up in ohio claming to be the potato ambassidor
OficrPacey: .......... you arent?
gennady444: ummm... suuure i ammm
gennady444: cities shall crumble when my mighty potato army approaches
OficrPacey: aaaaaas yyyyouuuuuuu wish
gennady444: youve never seen my mighty hordes of several eyed wariors arriving over the horizon have u?
gennady444: dont worry........ you soon wil......hehehehe
OficrPacey: sounds horofying
gennady444: naw my army is delicious
OficrPacey: goes good with sour cream
gennady444: sour cream is like mustard gas to my poor army
gennady444: (stares suspiciously) what do you know about..... the toast
OficrPacey: only what it told me.
gennady444: (stares suspicously)
gennady444: very well... if the toast trusts you then so shall i
OficrPacey: phew i got out of that one pretty good ey?
gennady444: ey? youre canadian!!
OficrPacey: oops, wrong aim. I mean...... uh.. yes i am trusted. <_< >_> (shifty eyes)
gennady444: youre eyes do that too?? i thot i was the only one
OficrPacey: shallsbutt
OficrPacey: i shouldnt 'ave told yah that
gennady444: you and the toast are in cahoots arent you?
gennady444: i c how it is
OficrPacey: cahoots and shotputts
gennady444: this is worse than i thought
OficrPacey: i know, but thats one stubborn toast
gennady444: what exactly are we talking about?
OficrPacey: i dont know.
gennady444: thats what they all say
OficrPacey: I obstain courteously
gennady444: that what my potato army did... in the great avocado war of 97
OficrPacey: a.k.a. the fight for context
gennady444: i lost that fight years ago
OficrPacey: forshizzle
gennady444: sorry i dont speak jive
OficrPacey: allow me to illiterate
gennady444: bah! the latitude is getting great
gennady444: i must depart now

logged by Unknown at 11:18 PM

so I have 8 am lessons coming up, but the last one is the saturday before im supposed to move. So ill either have to change the day i am moving or take my permit test up in SLO which I have no clue how that would ever happen. maybe i could take the test in a really good friends car. I dont know.
Basicly right now the thing i am least worried about is actualy driving. Its everything else thats sucks ASS.

logged by Unknown at 11:59 AM

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I need insurance to get my lisence but I dont need insurance in SLO if i dont have a car. My mom doesnt really understand this. She doesnt understand either that right now its not driving i worry about, just getting the lisense, so next time i want to drive I can (providing I gte insurance first). What so hard to understand about this. If i let my permit expire then its a step backward, and it took years for me to get around to taking that test, so just imagine what would happen if i had to start over all again. Ill never drive in my life.
So join with me on my all out fight to drive. >>GROWLS<<

logged by Unknown at 5:45 PM

I hate my parents. its a great deal their fault that I never got my lisence. And when I got my permit it is really their fault that I havent learned to drive, and now i have three weeks to learn and test.
my mom claims i need insurance to drive with my permit, but she refuses to call the insurance company to set it up. She told me to talk to my dad who only asked me if I looked through the times to see if there was an article on YAC. My response of no was enough for to say "well why should i do anything about it then?"

well my mom is supposedly calling up the insurance company, but now the car we were looking to buy has been in a accident and while i dont want or need something that looks cool id at least like a car that is in one piece.

logged by Unknown at 3:34 PM

Monday, August 26, 2002

So now that the show is closed i really dont have anything to do. Save me from total bordem and give me a call. I am more than willing to go bowling, to Magic Mountian, Disneland, or Knotts, play tennis, watch a movie (rented or theater), sit and stare at the stars, randomness on sunset, tan at the beach, reak havok on cleveland, learn something new, sit and listen to musicals, practice hacky sack-ing, play frisbee golf, get my ass beat at video games, show off my "moves" on a Dance Dance Revolution machine, create a new website with you, go see some live theater, play improv games, help you repaint your room, rebuild your fence, fertilize your lawn, or show off my driving skills (still with the permit).
These exciting activities could be our ticket to freedom if you give me holla anytime of the week. Dont let summer heat get you down. Call me up (also you can IM, email, or leave a comment here!) and youll do a great job for humanity. Spread the word!

logged by Unknown at 11:19 PM

Saturday, August 24, 2002

traditiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon tradition
badadada badadada DA!

logged by Unknown at 11:19 AM

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I want to join an online casino. Today i played Texas holdem at pokerroom.com and quadrupled my fake money in 30 minutes. Id like to try it out and see how things go, but my buddy russ says they are rigged. So let me know what you think.

logged by Unknown at 3:39 AM

New picutre, two new canidates for being that weirdo.

logged by Unknown at 12:48 AM

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

i think ive gotten a little of topic lately. Now to resume the search.

logged by Unknown at 3:37 PM

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Its COASTER RUSH WEEK on the travel channel! >big smile<

Monday, August 19, 2002
4:00 PM - Las Vegas Up Close: Thrill Rides
5:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Vegas Thrills
6:00 PM - Disney's Imagineers
7:00 PM - DisneySea Revealed
8:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Vegas Thrills
9:00 PM - Disney's Imagineers
10:00 PM - DisneySea Revealed
11:00 PM - Las Vegas Up Close: Thrill Rides

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
4:00 PM - Inside Universal's Hard Rock Hotel
5:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Designs of Terror
6:00 PM - Disney's Animal Kingdom
7:00 PM - Sea World Revealed
8:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Designs of Terror
9:00 PM - Disney's Animal Kingdom
10:00 PM - Sea World Revealed
11:00 PM - Inside Universal's Hard Rock Hotel

Wedensday, August 21, 2002
5:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Terrifying Thrills
6:00 PM - America's Best Waterparks
8:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Terrifying Thrills

Thursday, August 22, 2002
5:00 PM - More Top Ten Coasters
8:00 PM - More Top Ten Coasters

Friday, August 23, 2002
5:00 PM - Euro Coaster Kings
8:00 PM - Euro Coaster Kings

Saturday, August 24, 2002
8:00 AM - Euro Coaster Kings
9:00 AM - More Top Ten Coasters
10:00 AM - Coasters of the West: Terrifying Thrills
11:00 AM - Coasters of the West: Designs of Terror
12:00 PM - Coasters of the West: Vegas Thrills
1:00 PM - Disney's Animal Kingdom
2:00 PM - Sea World Revealed
3:00 PM - Disney's Imagineers
4:00 PM - DisneySea Revealed

logged by Unknown at 2:53 PM

Sunday, August 18, 2002

the internet is playing mind games on me. Ive been getting emails from crushlink, telling me to come see who has a crush on me. So finally I gave in and went to the site, where i had to sign up for some stupid website in order to get my hint. well let me tell you i am glad i did because I learned the following :
Crush #1: Their first name contains 5 letters.
Crush #2: Their first name contains 8 letters.
Crush #3: Their first name contains 6 letters.
Now for all the junk mail my junk mail account will recieve because of this is not worth that hint. This narrows down the field by... i dunno... 5! leaving only a slim 40,000 possibilites left. and who knows how old these crushes are, Ive been getting the emails for at least a year. Plus there is the oh so probable possibility that these "crushes" only have me on their list because they wanted to know if they are on my list. I think I might go back and put an end to all this, but the twinge of curiosity is strong. We will see what happens....

logged by Unknown at 12:24 PM

Saturday, August 17, 2002

that was not the desired outcome of myself and the little voices in my head.

logged by Unknown at 1:56 AM

Friday, August 16, 2002

Fucking Baseball! I love the game, I loved playing it, I love when the dodgers do well. Fucking money! Money is the worlds curse. The hockey players bettter not strike in 2003 or im gonna get really pissed.

logged by Unknown at 6:14 PM

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I really am at a lack of things to blog about. Besides for sleeping in and going online I dont do much. Im either here or at fiddler rehursal which is always a blast. Once again, you better come see the show, and get your tickets beforehand cause we will sell out all shows during presale.

For those wondering Julia and I arent officialy broken up, but we havent talked in almost a month so i think it qualifies. So ladies ;) Im available again. I like Disney movies, I act, sing, dance, write poetry, and yet i am still straight. Its practicaly illegal to do that.

logged by Unknown at 1:14 AM

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

X Re-opens!

logged by Unknown at 1:35 PM

"I think somebody loved me once but I cannot remember why"

logged by Unknown at 1:34 AM

Monday, August 12, 2002

Would you be willing to go see signs wearing alluminum foil hats?

Well today i saw some who were and after my first viewing I think i might do the same next time I go. Who is with me?

logged by Unknown at 12:04 AM

Saturday, August 10, 2002

OficrPacey: So, bored?
Goose the Force: building
Goose the Force: shelves
OficrPacey: wow, building. such a productive word
OficrPacey: can you live up to the hype?
Goose the Force: not really
Goose the Force: i'm not even participating yet
OficrPacey: yeah, well the whole idea of a shelf is over rated anyway
Goose the Force: i know
Goose the Force: they just hold things that you own, and the things you own own you
OficrPacey: right. so basicly youre captured into slave labor
Goose the Force: but my books will have homes
OficrPacey: DONT IGNORE THE TRUTH DANNY! You are a slave to your books, who were
appointed to you by the oppressive system we know as "school"
Goose the Force: they are a part of me now
Goose the Force: there's no turning back
OficrPacey: you must remain strong, withstand the hand that brings us down and
the chain will be broken. Together we can stop the world from becoming drones,
and save humanity
Goose the Force: they look nice
OficrPacey: its all a facade. Inside they are wretched, full of mind numing
words and numbers. Fractions Danny!
OficrPacey: Never judge a book by its cover.
Goose the Force: author?
Goose the Force: copyright date?
OficrPacey: LIES!!!
OficrPacey: the conspiracy at work
OficrPacey: I can feel them getting stronger. We must leave NOW!
Goose the Force: we just found the wall studs
Goose the Force: the shelves will be up imminently
OficrPacey: DANNY NOOOOoo..

logged by Unknown at 5:12 PM

Friday, August 09, 2002

10:00am - 10:30amCE0114 LEC CE0114 LEC  
10:30am - 11:00amCE0114 LEC CE0114 LEC  
11:00am - 11:30amMATH0143 LECMATH0143 LEC MATH0143 LECMATH0143 LEC
11:30am - 12:00pmMATH0143 LECMATH0143 LEC MATH0143 LECMATH0143 LEC
12:00pm - 12:30pmTH0340 LECCE0114 LB1TH0340 LECCE0114 LB1 
12:30pm - 01:00pmTH0340 LECCE0114 LB1TH0340 LECCE0114 LB1 
01:00pm - 01:30pmTH0340 LECCE0114 LB1TH0340 LECCE0114 LB1 
01:30pm - 02:00pmTH0340 LECCE0114 LB1TH0340 LECCE0114 LB1 
02:00pm - 02:30pm CE0114 LB1 CE0114 LB1 
02:30pm - 03:00pm CE0114 LB1 CE0114 LB1 
03:00pm - 03:30pm  PHYS0131 LB1  
03:30pm - 04:00pm  PHYS0131 LB1  
04:00pm - 04:30pm  PHYS0131 LB1  
04:30pm - 05:00pm PHYS0131 LECPHYS0131 LB1PHYS0131 LEC 
05:00pm - 05:30pm PHYS0131 LECPHYS0131 LB1PHYS0131 LEC 
05:30pm - 06:00pm PHYS0131 LECPHYS0131 LB1PHYS0131 LEC 

So Calculus 3, Physics + Lab, Civil Engineering: CAD + Lab and Fundamentals of Acting... Wait which one doesnt belong? EEK! you can kick my shins if you see me playing Dance Dance Revolution this quarter. hmm... so this is college?

logged by Unknown at 12:16 PM

Thursday, August 08, 2002

In a humongus fit of jealousy and rage I decided to add on to my site, ~Blampert.. I now have a favorites page. Right now there isnt much too it, but i plan on making it better with more substance.

logged by Unknown at 12:29 AM

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Ok, just the Irony here. Look at my friends shirt and tell me it doesnt say SLUTS on it.

logged by Unknown at 1:19 PM

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Chick Hearn died today. I want to mention this because he was a great human and very dedicated. He was as much a Laker as Magic or Kareem or Shaq. In fact I think he was my favorite reason to watch laker games. During the playoffs we would mute the crappy NBC announcers and turn on chick over the radio. He even taught me a bit about dedication, he did 36 years of Lakers games without missing a single one. The guy means a lot to me and all of LA. May he rest in peace.

logged by Unknown at 12:48 AM

Monday, August 05, 2002

Daily News Reports
A few friends of mine were on the cover of the daily news today. Pictured (R to L) is Monica (Covitt), Jenna, Tema, and Rachel. Plus Jamie is right out of the frame. A real wonderful group of girls, I love them all.
Heres the part about Monica and TADW from the article.

This is the fourth year Covitt has participated in CSUN's TeenAge Drama Workshop (TADW), a six-week summer workshop produced by the university for 45 years.

In a recent rehearsal, Covitt commanded the stage in her blue-and-white checkered dress, pigtails and red glitter pumps, reading her lines with emotion and authority.

"Playing Dorothy has been so much fun. It's the best role I've ever had," she said. "I kind of act like her because I get excited about new things like she does, so I get to act like myself."

While Covitt is drawn to acting, she said her true love is singing, and she hopes to be an opera singer someday.

Whether she's acting or singing, though, Covitt said the rush of performing is the same.

"It's nerve-racking and an adrenalin rush because you're so nervous and excited in a good way," she said. "After rehearsing over and over, when everything comes together just right, it's a real feeling of accomplishment."

logged by Unknown at 4:00 PM

Sunday: One day, so many emotions.
Love: Julia and I havent talked in a week and she turned out to be flaky so Its basicly over. However there is another girl which I like. hmm what to do, what to do.
Sickness: ive been somewhat sick that last few days
Sleepyness: working constantly the last few weeks
Excitement: i performed at the end of TADW show
Sadness: TADW ended
Anger: had to leave the end of TADW party after 30 minutes cause of fiddler rehursal
Happiness: Fiddler rehursal was soo awsome. we had an sweeet run through.
Anticipation: Today I realised how much I want you all to come to the show!

logged by Unknown at 12:42 AM

Thursday, August 01, 2002

i took aim transcript of a conversation tonight with Danny and switched things around just a tad to make things more interesting.

Goose the Force: hey
Goose the Force: ever see that show "beat the geeks" on comedy central?
CalPolyBatBoy: yah
Goose the Force: it's all fixed
Goose the Force: i think that's funny
CalPolyBatBoy: LMAO
Goose the Force: i saw the movie geek today
Goose the Force: in IM format
Goose the Force: looked all scruffy
CalPolyBatBoy: geek and geek
Goose the Force: thought so
CalPolyBatBoy: forver torture and agony
Goose the Force: between the geek and I?
Goose the Force: yeah but people won't understand

logged by Unknown at 1:34 AM