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Sunday, September 29, 2002

"The Edge of the World does exist; I saw it in my dreams." Matt says in his Blips blog. To see what the dream was about he blogged it fully here

logged by Unknown at 10:20 PM

Well I did get it off eventualy, thanks to good ol fashioned frustration. But i didnt escape unscathed. My phone has teeth marks and a couple of scratches on it. but it looks cool. it is transparent grey with clear hard plastic buttons. And on the back i placed a LA Kings logo inside and it shows through, my phone rocks!

logged by Unknown at 9:43 PM

I must be retarded or something. I cant for the life of me take off the faceplate on my phone. I push in the damn release button in and it dont move shit. FUCKERS!

logged by Unknown at 1:03 PM


feasible places
unknown to your eye
but festering deep in my world
vivid drawings of scenes
un-catchable by film
no newtons laws
no touch of man
only strange objects
and creatures fleeting your glance
rumors of a delicate worlds colapse
it all darkens from fear of your hand
for though your touch may be golden
able to build joy through trust
spoiled scapes may not be reborn

logged by Unknown at 1:49 AM

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Alright its stopped now. it got a round of applause bye the apartment complex, one particular neighbor thought it was so great, he cried out for an encore.

logged by Unknown at 1:36 AM


logged by Unknown at 1:35 AM

Thursday, September 26, 2002

CalPolyBatBoy: lets play word association:
Goose the Force: k
Goose the Force: go
CalPolyBatBoy: individual
Goose the Force: sucks
CalPolyBatBoy: lightblub
Goose the Force: burn out
CalPolyBatBoy: smarterchild
Goose the Force: dead
CalPolyBatBoy: pearljam?
Goose the Force: dead
CalPolyBatBoy: hairmetal
Goose the Force: alive!
CalPolyBatBoy: froidian
Goose the Force: sucks
Goose the Force: freudian
CalPolyBatBoy: hmm
Goose the Force: eh?
CalPolyBatBoy: yesh
Goose the Force: teletubby
CalPolyBatBoy: bob
CalPolyBatBoy: no wait, i mean tipsy
Goose the Force: you may not change your answer
CalPolyBatBoy: shit!

logged by Unknown at 1:28 AM

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My blog is #10 on yahoo if youre happen to search for "red glitter pumps".......

Sometimes the truth hurts.

logged by Unknown at 11:28 PM

Woot wooT
im looking at the clothes I just washed laying on my bed, i dont have enough energy to put them away.
Im a little under the weather and am hurting from too much exorcise. Save me from the insanity. You know the feeling, the one where youre tired, and you wanna relax but you cant and then you get sick but not sick enough to not go to class, but still half ass taking notes cause you sinus pressure blows chunks and the pile on your bed doesnt get smaller cause your blog call outs your name in a satanic ritual unkown to those on the outside.

Can I get a.......

logged by Unknown at 10:55 PM

Sunday, September 22, 2002

This post goes out to Danny

Danny is a third year UCI student, but dont let that scare the newbies away. For this college veteran will finaly be the same age as most the freshman coming in this year. at the ripe old age of 18 this mo fo has concoured the world of college fun and parties, all while being barely old enough to buy cigaretts. He drives a sweet 2000 mustang and likes to listen to punk, rock, and metal. This musical genious started out on the piano at a very early age only to mature into Guitar and Bass in his later years. His special fondness for geese may raise a question or two from some animal rights activists but be rest assured its all in good fun. Danny plans of being an astronaut, rock star, and blogger juggernaut all from the comfort of his couch. His bright future will be shared with some lucky ladies, moxie and dawn, who will tickle him to sleep as they rest in their king size bed with satan sheets.

This post was made possible by the good people at Rock So Hard Inc.

logged by Unknown at 11:19 PM

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Ever wonder what it would be like to be soooo busy you only could visit and update your blog 3 times in a week, and even then your shouldnt be cause its late and you gotta be up before dawn the next morning?

Welp Its not great reading for you, but I had a awsome week with my Co and Wowies. We went to the beach, and mini golfing and go carts, woodstocks, sugarcult concert, played pool, watched mallrats, and whole lotta other stuff. Today looks like were gonna have a BBQ. Everyones invited.

In the Blogry of life it is important to remember moderation is key.

logged by Unknown at 9:28 AM

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

its getttin hot in herrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I need my beauty sleep
Cyah round suckahs!

logged by Unknown at 11:57 PM

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

So I wasnt completly wrong about the whole SLO having no concerts. Goleta which is 1:30 or so away has nicely sized shows. The Deviates played last week which I didnt know about and am now pissed. But upcoming shows inclued The used which i hear are pretty cool. And The Movie Life with Brand New which I think are both drive thru bands which arent too bad

Hopefully the website Numbskulls will have more goleta shows with cool bands coming up. And now it looks like just a matter or time till my band is up and going. we got like 6 possible members so once we see who shows up we can find out what sorta music we play.

logged by Unknown at 5:15 PM

Monday, September 16, 2002

I. Wow week
_____ A. Busy
__________1. tons of stuff that makes one tired and unavailable to blog
__________2. im tired, ask me to be creative and Ill spout out "potato" every time.
_____B. Very cool
__________1. My wow group seems to be getting along ok. Not superb but still ok
_______________ a. Had one out of ten drop on the first day. The rest dont seem like they wiill, worried about one tho.
__________2. Played pool at the UU and watched mallrats
_______________a. only did this because the bowling alley had fucked up our reservations.
_____C. Future plans
__________1. tomorrow is the big day downtown.
_______________a. buisness give out free stuff wowies see alot of what DT has to offer
_______________b. walking is a biiiig bitch.
__________2. better call mini golf and make sure they didnt shit on our reservations too.
__________3. Need to get wowies to bond more.
a. hell if i know how to do that.

II. Cell phone
_____A Sticking with ATT
__________1. Plan is slightly better then cingular only becuase it offeres more stuff ill never use.
_______________a. Will stick with ATT but switch to a 818 #.
_____B Face Plates
__________1. I am looking for a LA Kings faceplate for the phone. If you see one online or at a store let me know about kay?


logged by Unknown at 11:43 PM

Friday, September 13, 2002

welp, I just checked out alot of other plans, verison, cingular, cellular one, and none of them compare to the AT&T stuff I get. The closest was cingular, which gave me 50 more minutes (total 600) for the same price a month, but the free roaming is only in Cali and the cost to start the plan and get one of their phones was another $50, (it was $25 with AT&T and I think I got a better phone). the only thing that was good about their plan was the roll over minutes. If I went a month and only used like 400 minutes, i could switch for a single month to the 300 minute a month plan and save 10 bucks. But I dunno if the hassle would be worth it. or if i would ever talk that little.

logged by Unknown at 12:14 PM

Thursday, September 12, 2002

So I am in my new appartment, that has cables running everywhere. Unfortunately the cable ones are unplugged and they run out of the second room, which coincidentaly is locked and the guy who lives there is gone. Right now I am just using the good ol phone line, which for some reason runs twice as fast as the one at home. but the cable tv down stairs works, so thats nice. yes, so anyway lets move on shall we?

Cell phone? What cell phone?
AT&T sucks ass! First thing that happens when I get up to SLO is that my phone starts showing "roam" which is strange considering I asked for a SLO phone. I dont really worry about it tho because my calling plan said I had free roaming. So I decide it isnt a big deal.
Next I get a friend who said she cant call me on her home phone because its long distance... !!!!!>? So then I try and call AT&T using the 611 feature and I get cellular one. All this is really fucking screwed up. So I call the other customer service number and navigate through the atomated system till I reach a human. Sure enough, my # is a prefix of Thousand Oaks, which is about 2:30 hours away. Pretty shitty if you ask me. then I get told that I was being charged for roaming because i was out of the AT&T signal. However forr $5 more I could get it for free. On top of all that I spent ten minutes on hold and had to call back after one customer rep hung up on me while transfering me to a different department. After that I called my parents to tell them the situation only to get yelled at by my dad who obvioulsy thinks this whole ordeal is my fault.

Right now my phone is working and i paid the 5 bucks to get real free roaming. My friends have to pay long distance tho to call me. Finally, my new goal is to find new provider to give me a low rate and a phone here in SLO. Suggestions?

logged by Unknown at 12:34 PM

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

its time to pack up ye old computer and shove it in the car. Well then, hold on to yer hats an' glasses, cause this heres the wildest ride in the wilderness.

logged by Unknown at 11:38 AM

Monday, September 09, 2002

How late is too late to start packing? I leave tomorrow morning...

logged by Unknown at 4:44 PM

Sunday, September 08, 2002

So today I did some esential back to college shopping. I got all the usual suspects; pots, pans, utensils, printer paper, poker chips, dominoes, a cell phone...

Yup thats right, today I became another sucker with a cell phone. Forever entangled in that chain link fence of wireless communications. I am ready to be embarrased when my phone accidentaly goes off in class, bug people by talking on it in restraunts, and run around like a maniac after I have lost it for the tenth time. Now anyone can reach me anywhere for a nice talk, or I could text message them in wonderfly misspelled glory. But maybe most importantly the 25 or so folks who will be following me around SLO their first week living there will be able to reach me if they get lost, seperated from the group, or simply want to talk about their roomate problems.
there is a new world out there awaiting the Bat Boy.

logged by Unknown at 11:38 PM


logged by Unknown at 1:30 AM

Friday, September 06, 2002

After several compaints to our public relations office we would like to retract and correct some things said.....

A plastic hanger will not easily shatter as a beer bottle would. You will probably end up looking like a idiot banging a hanger on a table. In order to break the hanger in a sufficiant matter try stepping on one end while pulling up on the other. A sexy girl could pull this off without upsetting the burglar, however you males might want to watch your back.

Thats all, thank you and please pull forward to the next window.

logged by Unknown at 12:19 PM

Dan "new uses for household items"

Lets say youre being robbed, and you have nothing of heavy weight or sharpness to defend yourself with. Well I am happy to say the answer to your problems is right in your closet. A hanger has been the backbone of your closet for year and years. But tonight Im gonna show you that a hanger can be much more than a simple home for your clothes. The item can be an effective burgluar repelant too. For this demonstration I will be using a clear plastic hanger donated by the wonderful folks at the Macys mens department in the Northridge mall.
As I hear the robber rummaging through my dvd collection I grab the hanger and go acess the situation. He looks unarmed which is good for me, a gun would beat out my hanger by a longshot. But i creep out into the living room and stand my ground. a quick swipe to the head will give him a welt he wont quickly forget. But now he gets up, well folks its time to get destructive.
Find a solid surface and break off the end of the hanger, this will create a jagged edge which is capable of penetrating human skin, a slash to some bare skin could scar an arm pretty good. Also the smashing of the hanger will show the robber you mean buisness, people just dont do that everyday. He will likely scream in horror and ask for mercy. This is when you call the cops and try to get the robber life in prison.
You see folks, even a simple hanger is worthy of a second chance in your survival skills handbook. Make a note of it that bendable metal hangers can also be used as a good slashing device, or stabbing utensil.<

logged by Unknown at 2:52 AM

Thursday, September 05, 2002

for some reason I get 23% of my blog hits for the week on wednesdays, but only 11% on thursday. I dunno, maybe today will be different but thats a big drop off.

So today, after jsut one lesson of driving, I drove on the freeway. And while going 5 above the speed limit I was holding up traffic, ick that sucked. I was really excited cause we started driving out twards Six Flags Magic Mountain. I thought Id get to see X back in action from the freeway, but after the instructor woke up from his nap he had me turn around and go back home about 6 miles short of the Mountain.
But now my dilema is that none of the local DMVs have test times before my permit expires. So I cant get my lisence before my permit expires. UGH! ill probably turn 20 before I get it.
this is depressing, BUT FLAN ISNT

logged by Unknown at 1:41 AM

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Drummer of the band. You know, that one thats gonna take over SLO this year :)

CalPolyBatBoy: Our mission, if you choose to accept it is to bring good music to the people of the SLO area, who otherwise must drive 3 hours north or south to hear some good fucking music.
Big V6399: absolutely
Big V6399: there is nothing in slo
Big V6399: its a little con fed white bred town
CalPolyBatBoy: we gonna rock the joint beeatch
Big V6399: i really hope so
Big V6399: or die trying

logged by Unknown at 3:23 PM

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I dont have much time left. I woke up at 7am this moring after getting only four hours of sleep. Ive had a headache for a couple of hours now. I just popped 2 Tylenol PM gel tabs into my mouth and will probably pass out for heat exaustion. Before I go, just let my kids know I love them.

logged by Unknown at 10:10 PM

>Honk Honk<
The day started out the way most mornings do. Woke up at 7am and had some cereal.... o wait that cant be right.

after about 4 hours of sleep I had to wake up for my first Driving lesson at 7. Thats ouch to say the least. lucky for me the guy called and asked to move back that appointment and tomorrows appointments to 10:30 am. A slightly more reasonable, yet still gosh darn early time slot. so I tried to go back to sleep and heres how I faired.

830 - phone rings
915 - garbage man backs up outside my window
945 - phone rings again

So eventualy i was just annoyed and tired. But nowhere near as tired as my instructor. As the lesson was going on I could see him dozing off between left turns and right turns and stop signs. at one point I reached a culdesack and whipped my own uturn and just kept on going without him waking up. i drove to granada Hills and back as well as navigating several lights and turns quite nicely. Not a scratch. also when we stopped by the driving school I saw one of the learning vehicles was a red 2000 mustang. Pretty sweet car, but it had student driver and the valley bobs logo on it. i felt very bad for the car as it looked quite sad. Still, i wouldnt mind driving around in it for my next lesson.

logged by Unknown at 2:11 PM

Sunday, September 01, 2002

This is punishment for going away to college and not staying at home. The following is the line up at the palace. just one of the venues that shows some of my fav bands. if the a place in San Luis Obispo had even half as many shows as cool as these then id never leave.

Thu, 09/19/02
7:00 pm Flogging Molly
on sale now

Thu, 09/26/02
7:00 pm Reel Big Fish & The Starting Line
on sale now

Sat, 10/05/02
6:00 pm No Use for a Name
on sale now

Sun, 11/03/02
6:30 pm Saves the Day

logged by Unknown at 6:19 PM

Brain Stew
Its only been recently that I started realising how much I really like Green Day. Im not talking just likeing a band, im talking music that has really been pivital in my life, but green day did it in a very subtle way, but did it over years and years and years.

Dookie is an album ive listened too countless times and I never get tired of it. as well as the other albums ive listened to over and over. Nimrod has gotta be one of the greatest ablums ever and its got a good number of songs on it which just makes it even better. And as the musical world gets a little more emo every day we can say without a doubt bands like Green Day were definitly big influences on the genre, even thought at first they were very punk. So, this is sorta my Green Day Tribute post. May they rock on for many many years to come.

logged by Unknown at 3:48 AM