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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Thought Process
I got really excited. You see The Starting Line (who I hope you are familiar with by now) are on tour again with Yellowcard. Yellowcard being a rather decent pop-punk-emo-whatever you want to call it-band. They are playing in LA the night before Thanksgiving weekend starts. I firgure it would be a great show to trek down for, especialy since id have till sunday to get back up.
So then the turmoil begins...
A) I discover that Yellowcard is not going to be playing at the show in LA for one reason or another. Not a huge blow to my motivation, but disturbing none the less.
B) So it goes on that I discover auditions and callbacks for the winter musical will be that night. so a general ixnay on leaving is at hand. hoping that ill get a callback.
C) But I just now discovered that Yellowcard is playing a show that night.... and its here in SLO! so I could go see them and sorta get my concert fix i so desperately need....
D) but wait, auditions could go rather late, and the concert starts at 6 and goes till around 9.
E) fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.
F) maybe blogging will make me feel better....

logged by Unknown at 1:02 AM

Its tough when half your fantasy hockey team becomes listed "day to day" and "Injured." Today Jason Allison followed Ziggy Palfys footsteps and was injured. He will probably be out over a month. Please may he return quickly cause even tho my Fantasy Sports team may move on, the Kings cant just replace him as easily. But, even tho three of the kings top players (Palfy, Alison, and Deadmarsh) were missing the bulk or all of the game the kings still blanked atlanta. 4-0 which made my another one of my fantasy players Felix Potvin (LA Goalie) rather valuable.
anyone else spot the irony in this picture?

logged by Unknown at 12:35 AM

Monday, October 28, 2002

I had a whoops moment this morning. When I woke up I somehow had half a gig left on computer.... thats less than 1 cd worth of information space. Whoops. looks like the "where did my hard drive space go" project is going to have to expand. Next to go are about 3 gigs of movies and music videos.

logged by Unknown at 8:28 PM

Sunday, October 27, 2002

It was amazing. After the Davis football team beat a already limping mustang football team the te marching bands of Cal Poly SLO and UC Davis squared off in a 'last one standing wins' band off.
The night started off with simple tunes, the bands exchanged marching tunes ranging from "When I come around" to "jungle boogie." The tunes complete with the fun movements and other oddities. One of my favorites is the piccolo solo in "you can call me Al" during which the band moshes, jumps, and rocks out.
After about 2 and a half hours of this insanity the mustang band, tired from the parade earlier that day, threw in the towel. The decision was also partly brought on by the fact we had nearly exausted our library of music (Not that a typical marching band needs over 30 songs to play nightly, but weve got them.)

It was an amazing thing to be a part of. I give a hand to everyone who played.
Oh, and one more perk to being in band is the view.

logged by Unknown at 11:28 PM

I just got roller coaster tycoon 2. A brief slow down of blogging may occur...

logged by Unknown at 4:40 PM

Friday, October 25, 2002

Do you dance?

Today I danced the cha-cha, tengo, swing, two step, and also a plethora of country line dances.

Tengo and Cha-cha are dances ive learned so far from the ballroom club. I only know about 6 tengo moves and 4 cha cha moves, but Its a nice skill to suprise someone with. And also lots of cute girls who are just dying to dance with someone.

Country line dancing is a double edged sword in my opinion. If youve ever listened to country music you understand what im talking about. Most country music is tolerable tho, and some is just funny to this punker from LA. And if all you know is the electric slide (the most boring and dumb of all country line dances) youve been fooled. Their are country versions of swing, and two step, and even cha-cha. Which are easier than their ballroom counterparts, so they are easy to pick up. Plus some dances everyone does the same thing so you can just watch and learn.

Positive aspects to country line dancing? Well for one there are tons of cute girls in the room, just waiting to be asked to dance.... hell, i was even asked to dance tonight (cute girl named erica) as i was headed twards the water fountain. That and being able to say youve tried something new are probably the only plus sides. yes, lots of cute girls.

logged by Unknown at 1:57 AM

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Some people write long blog entries. The sorta entries which take up more than a page, which causes a person to scroll and spend large amounts of time reading. Why would one oppose upon your time like that? Dont they know that you have something better to do, and are merely at their blog to be polite? Its just selfish to think that more than two paragraphs will maintain optimum reader attentiveness.

Thats why I strive to bring you quick and relatively painless posts, and at little to no cost to you, the reader! On my blog you can read the posts without having to do heavy contemplation or envolking internal emotions. I know most people who visit here dont care to post a comment, that takes too much effort on your part, and im sorry. I have the comments boxes for those stragglers, who seem to think a blog is for discussion. Ill never understand these people.

Enjoy a deep thought evolved into words, and truth becomes obscurity.

logged by Unknown at 12:56 AM

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

So its late, im working on my lab book, and Im listening to some good music....
Can you name these songs and the bands?

1- "The worst is over. You can have the best of me."
2- "maybe we'll feel better then... maybe we'll feel better then."
3- "when I wake up tomorrow will you still feel the same?"
4- "Precious rememberance saved for rainy days in febuary."
5- "instead of forgetting her, youre always kissing her ass"
6- "Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep..... disorder... disorder... disorder."
7- "confusing what is real"
8- "You see flowers in these weeds." <<<>thats for ben
9- "Hurting lungs breathing sighs of disgust"
10- "And there's no lesson here to relearn, except to never fall in love... again."

logged by Unknown at 11:25 PM

Its gonna be a long night. I have a lab book to complete. Im looking at 3 hours of work from this point on if im lucky. Not to mention my drive to do well right now is down to shit. My physics teacher took off at least a quarter of my test grade cause of "notation" Like writing V instead of Vx. He also took off 4 points on a problem where i didnt have gravity as negative... he mustve missed the fact that i set up the rest of the problem as down being the positive direction....

logged by Unknown at 11:14 PM

Monday, October 21, 2002

On campus there is this group called "One Truth", they are one of those really religous christian clubs. Now those of you who have any common sense would think, "Hey, why is it called one truth? How could they be so close minded to say that what they believe is the only truth there is!?"

Anyway They have this symbol which is a hand with a hole in it. I assume it stands for Jesus being nailed to the cross. Ive seen quite a few of these shirts in SLO, and everytime i get a little more pissed about it. I thought about making my own logo, its the same hand with the hole in it, only I decided that its going to be giving the finger. and instead of saying one truth itll say fuck truth. Thats the one Ill wear... Then the other one's gonna be the same and itll say fuck your truth, that shirt ill sell at their meetings.

Well today I saw a couple of people actualy selling shirts at the bookstore that had a drawing of a full hand, and it said, "Another Truth." I went and asked the guys about the shirts and they didnt really say anything. One guy mumbled about evolution, and thats about as much as I could gather of his organisation, or whatever it was that was selling the shirts. They arent ever going to sell shirts with that guy selling them....

Still, I like my idea better.

logged by Unknown at 9:01 PM

KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: how can i win him over?
CalPolyBatBoy: give him head
CalPolyBatBoy: thatll usualy do the trick
KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: youre fucking disgusting
KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: and im not kidding either
CalPolyBatBoy: thank you, ill be here all week
CalPolyBatBoy: **boos from the crowd**
KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: goodnight brian

You know I try to give good advice, every once in a while I try to be straight forward and say whats on my mind. Especialy when I truely care about the person. But the more she talked about this guy the less I liked him. After he found out she likes him he goes and calls some whore from her school to go "hang out".... That doesnt seem like the kinda guy I want my friend to be seeing.

But shes excited by his hard to get act..... Its all a bunch of drama... I just liked talking to her and listening to her stories... but she was drilling me with questions all night about overly specific acts of this guy. I knew the above comment would end the convo about this guy one way or another, but she got a little more pissed than I expected....

**Sigh** I wonder what Meesh would do in this situation?

logged by Unknown at 1:28 AM

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Where did my hard drive go? See what ive done to clear up space.

logged by Unknown at 2:49 PM

So, I met my sisters fiances family today. He has a prety large close family, the second oldest son was getting married here in SLO and tonight my sister took me to meet the inlaws. And a crazy cool group of folks they are. as we sat down to ice cream (inlaws paid: score) they reminised on old times with a couple of neighbors they had while the kids were all growing up. They gave amusing anicdotes such as the time they dessed as Ku Klux Clause and set christmas wreaths on fire in the driveway. Also they had amusing pranks between their kids. Like stealing christmas trees and redecorating them in the front yard.
My sister and I tried to come up with something worth saying but the best thing I could think of was the time I threw a plastic bat at my sisters head..... And although I found out afterwards the family wouldve loved the excuse* I used wouldve gone over great, I think tomorrows meeting between my parents and the soon to be inlaws will give them plenty of stories for years to come. Oh such are the days in the house of bat boy. (note: this story has nothing to do with my nickname, but such is the irony of everyday life)

*excuse - I was running and I ended up tripping over the bat and accidentaly kicked it into the air, and hitting my sister who was chasing me

logged by Unknown at 2:23 AM

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Tada. a magical mystical mystery blog. ooooo its got new colors, new look see.... OOO and only 5 hours of homework was ignored to do it! horay!

logged by Unknown at 4:13 PM

Alright, working with a new template, but i keep getting "nested tag" errors, so im gonna tease you with just a unaltered template for a day till I get the other one fixed........ UGH!

logged by Unknown at 1:54 AM

Friday, October 18, 2002

...ok that last post was actualy sent in a IM, but hell ill let it stay. Ill post this too.......
romantic kisser

You Are A Romantic Kisser!

You'll only kiss if the mood is right and if you think you are falling in love.

Some may say you're old fashioned, but when you kiss, you see stars!

One kiss from you, and anyone will be hooked forever.

How Do *You* Kiss?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

logged by Unknown at 11:21 PM

workin on my blog

logged by Unknown at 11:19 PM

a siren sounds in the distance, the ambulance is on its way.
a train passes by, blows horn to wake up neighborhood
a tow truck carries away a visitors car from mustang village, "College Towing" strikes again.

logged by Unknown at 1:23 AM

Taking a cue from the dub-ster im gonna give a list a go.

Five Things that Make Me Happy
1. Disneyland
2. Hanging out at the beach at night relaxing with friends and a girlfriend (position still available).
3. Hanging out at the beach at night relaxing with friends.
4. Singing loud and proud to punkpop.
5. Kicking ass in a midterm you forgot about.

5 Things that do NOT make Me Happy

1. Knowing about midterms youll do bad on.
2. Soft christian musak.
3. Frustration brought on by girls... "Another wasted night, again I go unoticed."
4. Supressing my need to sing aloud to all my cds.
5. When my Kings get mistaken for a basketball team.

logged by Unknown at 12:57 AM

Thursday, October 17, 2002

"1, 2, 3, 4 we dont need no stinkin war, 5, 6, 7, 8, mumble mumble mumble HATE!"
Were the protesters cries as they walked by my math class today. While the class was relatively unsure what to do about the noise obstruction my math teacher commented on their ability to count, but they better stay away from the english building.
My favorite moment of today was when I walked obliviously into my physics midterm. I barely made it through the door before I was told where to sit and given the test. I glanced around to room as obviously most people had gotten there early and had their noses burried deep in the test. I took my seat, franticly searched for my calculator(remembering earlier not being able to find it in my backpack) and got out my glasses to see some formulas, which i knew by heart, on the board, and embarked on a fantastic voyage through space and time. ooo you gotta love physics. I turned in my midterm 1:20 later without a doubt in my mind that I full out raped and pillaged every question on the test.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

logged by Unknown at 10:57 PM

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I got a batch of new blogs.
some not so big, some blog royalty. All worth a hit or two.

Blogcritics - youre entitled to our opinion.
ive been accepted as a new critic to this site. dont know when ill be able to start posting but I am unofficialy a Broadway and Disney specialist.

--See yah round the blogdocks.

logged by Unknown at 12:54 AM

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Its a heart warming day here at Weirdo Amoung Us Inc.

Today we celebrate our thousanth hit!!
Someone from "Oregon State University, Corvallis, United States" was lucky winner of our contest!

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. You kick ass!

Hold your bat boy - Love your bat boy

logged by Unknown at 9:54 PM

AlvChen, "Do you think there is a link between available media and violence?"

Media is a reflection of society.
Society Reflects what they see in the media.
Violence on the streets translates to violence on TV Movies and Video games. Which translates into more violence.
Its a big circle that goes on. Not one faucet is to blame for violence.

The media, sells what it can. lets assume that if someones willing to buy it then itll get made, no matter how discusting it may seem to some people. Now the way to change that is having parents teach their kids strong morals and the like. Then they won't buy the eminem cd, and the media won't make things like that anymore cause they don't sell. Such a drastic change would happen gradually and isnt neccesarily for the better. It would just be a different world.

But Violence and the Media are connected. But placing a blame on Media over society would be illogical.

logged by Unknown at 9:12 PM

holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 18. I can Hole in one, many of them I can hole in one most of the time. Holes 8, 11, and 17 are 2 shot. darnit, theoreticly on my best day I could hit a 21. lets see if i can shave 7 strokes off my score shall we....

logged by Unknown at 8:34 PM

Why god, oh dear god, am I still playing this game. Somehow being 20 under par doesnt satisfy me. A 28 score on a 48 par course isnt good enough!!

Perhaps golfing holds some greater meaning to me............

logged by Unknown at 12:32 AM

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Ever wonder what it looks like inside the top of the Matterhorn at Disneyland?

Yes, that is Valde Divac playing B-ball near the top on the matterhorn.

logged by Unknown at 10:07 PM

Anyone who hasnt seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding yet should go check it out. Its really funny, and has a heart warming story in it too.
Tons of cool characters drive the film, great acting and such.
For those of you worried about the pop dude, Joey Fatone, bringing down the film youll be delightfully surprised. He subtlely added to the film and has a couple really funny lines. His acting isnt so bad.
Over all id give the movie 4 outta 5 points. One point taken away for a few over the top sappy moments and throw away lines which bugged me.

logged by Unknown at 1:20 AM

When filling out a form when looking for a roomate I wrote down all my musical tastes and asked for someone who didnt listen to rap. maybe I shoulda been more specific, as my roomate has been listening to preachy god music all day. we arent talking, god rock or christian pop, no were talkin wanna be Celine Dions of the christian world. The most annoying form of music I can think of. A lesson learned: instead of asking for no rap, say no christian music lovers please. hell, Id rather listen to mariachi music and polka.

logged by Unknown at 1:16 AM

Friday, October 11, 2002

Did I mention my roomate likes to talk to himself and the computer and everything else.... I think its getting louder too!! Help! Hes doing it again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

logged by Unknown at 12:19 AM

Thursday, October 10, 2002

my most recent posts have been such cop outs. And just look at them! they are so void of substance and style.

logged by Unknown at 9:40 PM

November 2nd Diminished is playing at the whiskey, opening for My Ruin. Anyone want to go with me?

logged by Unknown at 12:54 AM

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

"Thats so pedestrian" Learn the story behind the Church of Christ - the pedestrian. By Moxie.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is now in stores!!!!!!!!!!!!

S&S which builds awsome rides that arent necessarily "roller coasters" has a new batch of thrill rides coming our way, well as advancements on old ones. Screamscapes has a nice article with pictures.

logged by Unknown at 6:09 PM

Soooooo I went to see Jimmy Eat World tonight. Got stuck listening to crap most of the night.

Opening band (name not worth remembering) plain and simple they sucked. Their sloooooooow emo songs and out of tune harmonizing singers made me want to cut my wrists... or was that the point. Also the bassist didnt do anything. He stood there and played one note a bar and just held it. he also looked like a starving college student who answered a add "bassist needed"

Second opening band "No Knife". At the beginning I thought this band had potential, their second song had a intresting and fun chord progression and the singers were in tune. But after a few songs they began to sound more like the first band, that wasnt cool. they had a girl playing keys and singing occasionaly, she was off in a corner somewhere. What drove me nuts is I could hear her tamborine louder than the snare drum. They closed the set with some songs like the beginning ones which were ok emo-punk.

Third Opening band "The Donnas" Four chicks playing the same song, over and over and over. Same rock tempo, same rock drum beats, same rock guitar solo in the middle. Same structure of songs, Same rock chorus consisting of the songs title several times over and over (think "i wanna rock and roll all night"). Also the guitarist chick looked like she was trying to fake attitude and be all hard core, but she made me want to slap her in the face. they all wore teeny bopper clothes tho they mustve been almost 30, and they tried to rock out, but they sucked. Youd have to pay me a hefty sum to see them again.

And finally Jimmy Eat World.
Now this band, which im not extremly familiar with, put on a good show. I hate bands with no creativity, that just play and then get off the stage. But after their encore The lead singer was going nuts. He created as much feed back as he could after the rest of the band was off the stage and people were filing out of the theater. He went to the keyboard, got a heavy box and put it on top to play a constant organ noise, he took the mics, and stuck them in front of the guitar amps, then he got some water and just hung out on the stage by the drum set watching people leave. It was really cool. Also they had a neat set. The back and side drapes had (about 20 feet tall) stars that would turn on and off and change color during the show. I loved this effect, also It gave the illusion of more depth to the stage. They also had a bunch of sorta japanese paper lanterns hanging from the lighting rigs, they turned on and off during the show. They gave a nice glow, and helped frame the stage. I give mad props to these guys for puting on more than just a concert, but a good show.

logged by Unknown at 1:33 AM

Monday, October 07, 2002

WEE lets play the internet game
Can be played by any number of people. 2 is ideal
Materials: yourself and a computer
Rules: Start at a page with lots of text such as yahoo.com or this blog. Close your eyes and point to your computer screen. Do this till you land on a word. Type that word into your browser adding the prefix "www." and suffix ".com"

Winning the game: If a person comes across a porn site or a site that does not exist they loose or are out of the game.
additional notes: expanding the "out" sites to include web search engins will get people out a little quicker. You may punish people as you see fit. A swift kick in the groin or a tequila shot should suffice.

logged by Unknown at 11:31 PM

Every so often I will follow a newly updated link on bloggers homepage if the title intrigues me. Well, I saw one yesterday called "An Agnostic in Zion" It sounded intresting because Zion was the name of my High School Jew Fraternity(sorta) chapter of AZA. So i read it to see if by some slim chance it was one of my brothers. but its not, it is the beginnings of some girls blog. I dont think the girl writing it has any intention of showing her friends and she cusses alot in her few entries, but its fun and sorta voyeristic. She has no email, no comment box, no way of knowing if anyones watching her blog. So its sorta fun to read a actual journal, rather than a blog for everyone.

I feel bad cause she is a bit suicidal (but a lot of us were at her age
"WORDS OF WISDOM: kill your self. do it for your friends.

logged by Unknown at 7:22 PM

Sunday, October 06, 2002

downloading binge. I decided that this weekend i would DL enough Music videos to fill a cd and Im almost there.

Some of my favorites so far:

Reel Big Fish: Where have you been
This video is a fun filled love story between Arron the lead singer and his ex - a manenquin.

New Found Glory: Hit or Miss
The band tries to get to their show on time. but many problems ensue. Singer spends too much time in front of the mirror, bassist fights with vending machine, another guy has sex with motel maid and more!

The Hippos - wasting my life
Science class discusses amebas and lead singer falls in love with one.

Sugarcult - Stuck in America
Band goes on japaneese talk show plays for crowd of school girls.

Saves the Day - Freakish
Puppets in a dimly lit bar get the girls.

logged by Unknown at 8:29 PM

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Ive got a new Cell phone number, so if youre trying to call me and cant try my apartment #.

logged by Unknown at 3:24 PM

Top Headline of the day.
"Random Killings: Are You at Risk?"


logged by Unknown at 10:58 AM

Did I mention my roomate talks to himself, homework, computer, feet, basicly anything and everything? not ten minutes goes by without a "what are you doing" or a "Where did that come from" from him. its a little strange and conflicts with my view of standardicity. There, i made up a new word.

logged by Unknown at 12:23 AM

Friday, October 04, 2002

I am the Hobbit known as Todo Goodbody of Frogmorton

logged by Unknown at 11:26 PM

the girl with the strategicly place thong appearing over her low cut jeans appeared in my Physics class. Shes a really cute red head with a studded leather belt and tight white shirt coming down and stoping above her belly button. She has big georgeous eyes, full eyelashes accentuating them, and generous sized breasts.
Today she sat in the desk two rows up and one over so she could play mind games with me. If I were to watch the board and pay attention to the PHYS 131 stuff (which I already know) she would somehow make it (the thong) dissapear, which is an amazing display of skill. Then after I zone out for a couple of minutes she would bring it back. Quite an amazing feat. This girl will always keep you guessing
Honestly I wish I had gotten her name, or asked her to come to my club meeting or something (not to say i dont wish to do this to a lot of girls, but the lack of better things to think of make me contemplate this one a little too much)

logged by Unknown at 1:16 AM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

How do I blog thee? let me count the ways.......

to blog or not to blog, that is the question.

logged by Unknown at 1:03 AM

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

every 2 hours someone in my household takes a asprin
every 1/2 hour someone blows their nose
every 5 minutes someone coughs.

This is nuts. I got sick a week ago with headaches and runny nose. Then quickly developed a bad cough. Now my roomates have it too. For me tho most of the headaches are gone and I have nearly 80% energy.


Oh and I finaly got my firewall thing booted so youre all free to send me viruses.

logged by Unknown at 7:53 PM