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Friday, November 29, 2002

I found yet another problem with having a popular name. Besides for the fact that 75% of cal poly's saxophone section is name brian, bryan or ryan, the confusion transfers over to AIM conversation.

A KissMeImConfuzd's away message saying, "will someone please tell meee why bryan is the sexiest man alive??" leaves me stupified. was this a message for me and simply mispelled? or someone else? Who is this man and where can i meet him in a dark alley?

logged by Unknown at 1:19 AM

Thursday, November 28, 2002

some quotes for you
"Theyve locked down their fortress!!!....... WITH LOCKS!!" - Invader Zim
"Its not premerital sex if you dont plan to get married"

OficrPacey: give me a quote for the blog
OficrPacey: im coppin out tonight
Goose the Force: I was at Subway today, and my sandwich artist was complaining to the cashier about his 12 hour shift the next day. The cashier disbelievingly remarked, "no way!" The sandwich guy responded "Sub Way!" True story.
OficrPacey: mighty interesing
Goose the Force: I was going to use that as my copout post tonight but you can have it.
OficrPacey: oh gee. thanks
Goose the Force: welcome

logged by Unknown at 1:30 AM

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I GOT IN! I GOT IN! I got into Guys and Dolls! I even got a part, "Rusty Charlie." Its not too big, and not too small, which is just my size. And its a singing part. I start off the show with two other guys in "fugue for tinhorns". Oh this is totaly gonna KICK ASS!

I guess life has its ups and downs. Im off for home now to see Diminished tonight, Six Flags Magic Mountian on Friday, and to see tons of friends.

logged by Unknown at 3:31 PM

Monday, November 25, 2002

Theater dictates my life.

Saturday I worked at the theater reception. and it really absorbed most of the night.
Sunday I auditioned for Guys and Dolls as well as worked with my acting partner on our scene for class.
Today I have already met with my scene partner, and in a hour I have callbacks (YEY!) for G&Ds. Im really excited about it. Ive seen guys better than me, so i dont think ill get a lead. But there is a possibility of a part.

Oh, and be sure to check out the wonderful Diminished show at the Roxy tomorrow, tuesday. They go on around 9 tickets, will be cheap and available at the door. Ill be going now so I hope to see you there.

logged by Unknown at 6:40 PM

Friday, November 22, 2002

so, that family that had the septuplets six years ago are on the front of AOL. not to say that id rather read about bombings, but it was just as depressing. Four of the seven kids have serious problems. They all smile of course, but two have eye problems, two have feeding tubes, and two have leg braces, and crutches. BUT they get to go on photo shoots and go to disney world, and virtualy everything they ever need or want is paid for by someone else.

Id like to raise may issues here. but i just dont know how. Like, should a family be allowed to have eight kids when its obvious they wouldnt be able to pay for it on their own? Im not necessarily talking about the family above, but its just stupid to have kids when you know you cant afford them.

I apologise, once the week lets up ill post better.

logged by Unknown at 1:20 PM

So last summer i played some of a song I wrote for Will who is the band Roadside Variety. He said they were going to steal my song.... Well, they tell me it sounds really awsome and they changed the words about how they are gonna get rich and famous from my song.
The highlight of my night came when i wasnt at the computer.

WillySpeedFinger: we want you to write songs for us
WillySpeedFinger: good old fashioned pop-punk!
WillySpeedFinger: please!
WillySpeedFinger: ?

logged by Unknown at 2:04 AM

Well, that didnt take long did it? ou wanna guess what happened? go ahead guess.. ok times up... the laundry room is now locked. WHY???? JESUS I DONT FUCKING KNOW! The room was open last year 24 hours a day, I should know, i lived right next to it. I have no bed sheets.
This week wont end...

logged by Unknown at 1:01 AM

Tonight it was laundry night (actulay it passed a few weeks ago). The ritual begins much the way of the rest of the week. As I prepare to leave hit my roomates bike and it starts to fall, i try to save it and drop my laundry tub... and my powdered detergent. some of it I was able to salvage, but the rest I vaccumed up, and afterwards i prop up the vaccume and talk to my roomate. It promptly falls on my toes, and with mighty force. Ill live, i set out for a laundry room.

So I go out with my tub full of laudry and my laundry bag bursting with even more. Only to discover the laundry room is locked, why is beyond me. I have to walk a little farther to the next one. Which has a rather cute girl folding rather cute underware.. yet not wareing any. The moment was ruined when i realised she was on the phone with her boyfriend. Engaged in the ritual of whipping her boyfriend. obviously me being there was not in her plans as her clothes were strewn over literaly eight of eight washers. She moves some so I can use the washers.

Would you be suprised if I told you I left my detergent at the apartment? well, on my back to the laundry room from my apartment I get a water balloon thrown at me. by who I have no clue. It didnt hit me tho, just landed next to me, and i was suddenly aware of sevral water explosions on the ground. Well anyway i make it to the laundry room and realise i left the scooper at home. Its just too much hassel for the scooper so i estimate with my hand. bleh, I took a alternative route home to avoid another water balloon attack.

now its nearly 1 am and i have to go put it in the dryer... what adventures await me?

logged by Unknown at 12:54 AM

Thursday, November 21, 2002

I mustve been really annoying this evening because.. well....

  • Sandy told me to go to hell... in capps lock no less.

logged by Unknown at 1:13 AM

while ignoring my lab report I decided to look up on Tokyo Disney Seas. I took some of a digital tour over at Laughing Place.com I must say the experiance was orgasmic. much better than porn.

logged by Unknown at 12:04 AM

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

more and more bullets untill the night is out....

  • I made mac and cheese for adults (Pasta Roni) and put in too much water.... my "thick creamy white cheddar sauce" was more like soup.

Why I do declare that brings the bullet count up to thirty seven.

logged by Unknown at 9:04 PM

You want some more bullets? FUCK!

  • Diminished is playing tuesday instead of wednesday. This will make the third concert that week that i will have at one point planed to go to only to have the idea taken away.

  • My housemate wants to do a cleaning this weekend.

  • Did i mention I cant go dancing tonight cause of school work? nope. BULLET


logged by Unknown at 7:08 PM

Allow me if you will to post in bullets this time. it
seems fitting to show exactly how eventful and disheartening the last few days
and future days are. I shall go in chronological order.

  • Run out of food in apartment nearly completely

  • run out of clean clothes

  • Group meets at 7pm

  • Structural Engineer (Jai) discovers shes been doing our project wrong.
    Group restarts from scratch

  • Group gets kicked out of library 1am taking away all my math study time

  • stay up till 330 attempting to study.

  • Fail Math midterm due to lack of sleep, food, and studying

  • Group meets at 6pm

  • Girls are late - group meets at 7

  • Kings tie (2-2) with the Wild

  • Group types up sections of report.

  • Thermal engineer (Casey) takes 2 hours to type up his section of our

  • Casey and project manager (Becky) leave to get food and close microsoft
    without saving

  • Becky and Casey retype their sections

  • Thermal engineer goes home to get his digital camera. A 30 minute trip

  • spend two hours setting up front page presentation with pictures and info

  • Group disperses at 4am plans to meet at 9am to practice presentation

  • I sleep through my alarm

  • Wake up at 10:45 and run to class, just catching the teacher and telling
    him what happened

  • He says "your group is going on Wednesday (with some others)" but says
    nothing about whether or not he will dock my grade greatly.

  • get milkshake to cheer myself up in Physics lab

  • Spill all of milkshake en route to Physics lab

  • Finish lab early and run so i can catch the last fifteen minutes of choir
    only to discover the guys arent there

What does the future hold in store?

  • Lab report due tomorrow

  • Physics homework due tomorrow

  • Physics test tomorrow

  • Must move computer back into my room

  • theater club meeting tomorrow

  • must see main stage show "wrinkle in time"

  • laundry must be done

  • grocery shopping must be done

  • must work for main stage show reception

  • Guys and Dolls auditions Sunday and Monday

4 am shows no mercy.

logged by Unknown at 6:09 PM

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Some good news on a otherwise cruddy day.

Space Mountain, a favorite ride of Disneyland visitors, is rumored to be getting a major overhaul in the next 4 years. How major? well lets just say im skeptical that they can fit a decent looping roller coaster in that space. The ride will retain its space theming.

logged by Unknown at 2:06 AM

Monday, November 18, 2002

This post comes to you from the glorious Cal Poly Library, where human error and fatal mistakes are made every quarter.
Todays episode stars my Delta project goup
We set out to build a two dimentional house. Each person recieved a list of quantitative measures they had to satisfy. Easy enough right? Wrong!
For the last three weeks one member of my group told us to go ahead and make the design and she couldnt do her calcuations till we were finished. Full knowing that HER prompt specificaly said she should be integral in making the design. Well as you can imagine, the rest of us fought over the design, making sure all of us were satisfied and within our measures of performance.... till today, two days before the final report and class presentation is due, she looks at her paper and says "this isnt going to work. I need this calcuation to equal twenty and it's over one hundred."


So after that they completly restarted the design. A design which at first crack took three weeks to complete!

But just now I was sitting not doing anything... just thinking about how much math i should be studying and in fact planned to study tonight before they called.... just imagining tomorrows mid term grade and how fucked i will be come the final... Just wishing she had fucking paid attention to her own job the last three weeks.... and just saying goodbye to my good old friend, my bed.

logged by Unknown at 10:50 PM

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Horray for fucking idiots!
Christian fundamentalists oppose Harry Potter being taught in schools and being in public librarys. They are all for the censorship of books and the downfall of childrens imaginations.
Harry Potter supports devil worship and opposes good chirstian fundamentals. He should burn like the witch he is.
motherfucker burn

logged by Unknown at 10:13 PM

My roomate just got speakers for the first time on his computer. And you wanna take a wild guess what he is doing? He is watching sermons and christian stuff.
I dont want to offend too many people here, but it seems like such bullshit. I understand if you want to live your life according to a set of standards, because it makes life easier. A set of morals is good for people too when youre open to new ideas. However if you live your life in order to prove your worth to something you dont even know exists youre wasting away.

Sounds to me like youre clinging to a rumor started thousands of years ago.

logged by Unknown at 7:44 PM

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Paulo of Diminished is a rather skilled guitarist and writes songs using cakewalk on his computer, his guitar, and a drum machine. They sound really good. They are also written expecting someone to write lyrics to it. I dont know the name of these songs, but i uploaded them for you. download the first one by clicking here.

edit: oy gavault! ill whip up a better link to get that song. But in the mean time you can download this live video: Diminished - Plastic (Live)

logged by Unknown at 8:04 PM

All I wanted to do was write a short and simple review of Harry Potter 2 for my first blogcritics post. And what happens? i cant get it to publish. Moveable type can blow me! this shit doesnt work.

edit: it does.
Click here to read my review

logged by Unknown at 2:44 AM

Thursday, November 14, 2002

For the first time since I started going to Live Rat Cam yesterday there was some action going on. but the stupid workers had to take the cage away for cleaning. Last night the lights were off, this morning they were in a cardboard box which you could watch shake every so often and maybe see a tail. But finaly just now the box was tipped over and the little buggers were everywhere, one of them gave me a scare when it came mighty close to the camera, its nose was the size of my head!

logged by Unknown at 3:15 PM

Check out my sis in the middle of this pic. Its from her current show "The mostly gender and decade ignored Pirates of Penzance" its the old family musical set in modern NY. The musical is in Brooklyn so if youre in that area go see it!
Right in the middle, in black. Go figure

logged by Unknown at 1:55 AM

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

When someone asks you if you’re a god you say yes.

that’s probably why i didn’t feel that bad about throwing away some christian "join our cult" pamphlets that were cluttering up the music building. I really do think its a disturbance to campus tho. They wont let Cal Poly Ski Club remain a officially cal poly club because of "insurance risks" but they will allow christian clubs and organizations to clutter up* the Union and hassle you on your way to class. Maybe one day ill kick one of them for stopping me, then we will see who is an insurance risk.

* the pamphlets they hand out rarely make it into a pocket let alone the trash. Much like the clutter left behind after handing out flyers for a Bon Jovi at a System of a down concert.

for more commentary see The Goose

logged by Unknown at 11:53 PM

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Elmo goes Emo

logged by Unknown at 10:53 PM

Monday, November 11, 2002

Reminising on old times...

Twat did you say? Cunt hear you.

logged by Unknown at 2:00 AM

Sunday, November 10, 2002

“What is a emo kid?” – Jazz

*Well Jazz I don’t claim to know what exactly a emo kid is, but I can try to shed some light on the subject.*
Emo is short for emotional. it has recently emerged as a musical genre which mainly talks about... you guessed it, emotional stuff. A lot of it talks about ex girlfriends, parental divorces, death, and the like. Some of it can be described as "Emo-Punk" which is really just another name for "Pop Punk". Some bands to describe it would be New Found Glory and The Starting Line. Also Emo can be really soft and mellow like Saves the day, and Jimmy Eat World. Of course Id like to point out that it’s just a label, and you can call it whatever the fuck you want.
Ive heard of some bands where the singer cuts himself on stage, and gets really into it. some punk bands give emo bands shit for being weak, or less hardcore. They also are stereotyped as sounding “whiney.”

So an emo kid is just emotional, or whiney. There is also the typical emo picture, in which the band members are in thought or looking sad about something. I think someone coined the term “cheer up emo kid” to poke fun at the music. Ben might have some additional comments.

logged by Unknown at 11:55 AM

Saturday, November 09, 2002

I have updated my page of

. I put up my newest poem entitled "one more nail"

logged by Unknown at 2:46 AM

Friday, November 08, 2002

If you could say one thing to rapper Eminem what would it be? Undoubtedly some people would scream in his face "im your biggest fan!" and others would yell at him for the destruction of Americas youth."now you're sittin in the corner crying and its all my fault."

I, on the other hand, would simply look him sincerly in the eye and say "Cheer up emo kid."

logged by Unknown at 12:05 AM

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

So you’re feeling pretty good about the night. you’ve got plans to go dancing, laundry’s in the dryer, dishes are washed, and you’ve started to cook one of your favorite meals, cheese ravioli. You’ve got the music (cherry poppin daddies) on pretty loud cause your roommates aren’t home and you don’t really know your neighbors. Your ravioli is boiling nicely and you go into the fridge for the second half of a jar of Ragu sauce you used last week when... hmm... I see presto sauce... some other type of tomato sauce... where’s mine? Well at this point you’re quick to blame its disapearance on your roommates and think about taking the presto sauce, but you’re not that bad and keep looking. You know you didn’t use all of it, you distinctly remember putting it back in the fridge... where could it be? It has to be in the fridge, you looked everywhere! ……… or did you (*dramatic turn to the messy kitchen table*) NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*close up of face yelling in agony*) You left the ragu sauce on the table for a week, there’s no way that’s still edible! You have no back up sauce or suitable substitute, you can only throw away your ravioli and start cooking your Albertsons brand mac and cheese.... (*hang your head in defeat*)

logged by Unknown at 7:45 PM

I get the feeling my roomates dont like me.

on a related note my roomate got a new computer, its a dell. He doesnt talk to it like he talked to the old one. However he does play Minesweeper about 5 hours a day.

logged by Unknown at 12:15 AM

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Life strikes again!

So it looks like I blew yet another audition. Tom D the choir director chose 2 barber shop quartets out of the people at the second auditon. Well, there were 4 tenors trying out and 4 leads. 3 people being the same. so really it was 5 people trying out for 4 spots. I could have sworn I did better than at least 2 of the guys, giving me either the tenor or lead part in the second quartet, but i got shafted once again. the guy who beat me out for tenor in the second quartet is gonna suck ass tho, so its sorta like revenge. That tenor cant reach most of the notes in falsetto. The audition song was low enough for him tho, so it wasnt noticeable. Also his personality will clash big time with the lead, so i predict a quick death of this quartet. Im happy for 3 of the guys in the first group tho, are good friends and will sound awsome, Two of them, Colin and Ryan, are roomates and in the same band. maybe the fourth (the high tenor) wont like them and ill get the call to replace him (crosses fingers).

What this all means is that my Guys and Dolls audition for Tom D which in a few weeks will be all the more critical. I have to prove that im not as bad as he thinks I am.

logged by Unknown at 11:55 PM

Monday, November 04, 2002

Buggin you

logged by Unknown at 11:42 PM

"Where Did My Hard Drive Space Go?" progress!

Good bye to movies too large for my computers health! in probably my most succesfull campain yet, "but im a cheerleader" and "Star Wars Epsiode VI" were kicked off my hard drive. but im a cheerleader made it onto a CD first tho. SW IV was too big for one cd. My hard drive is thankfull for their departure and looks forward to tomorrow when alice in wonderland and SW V make it onto CDs and off its back.

logged by Unknown at 12:41 AM

Saturday, November 02, 2002

blue light special on aisle 5.... blue light special on aisle 5....Have you ever been to a rite aid? The place has the most random shit along with everything you need. It isnt as big as a Walmart, but walmarts are big and gross, while rite aid still has a little bit of heart and pride left in it.

Todays trip to rite aid had me feeling a bit giddy. I bought black socks, Schick "Xtreme 3" razor (with free refills), and 2 bags of 50% off Halloween candy.

past trips have seen me leaving the store with a bobble head Chihuahua, duct tape, birthday card, paper towels, and a dog bone to name a few.

Whats next? only fate knows.....

logged by Unknown at 3:42 PM

The best entertainment in SLO is free
Tonight was a strange night indeed. Mostly because my friends and I were all in wacked out moods. Yes, wacked out. but thats not the point of this post.

So tonight was a jaunt around the town. first stop was Lineas coffee shop where our friend Colin was playing. Hes pretty cool to watch, and one of the better acts that plays at lineas.

Then we ended up going to the Madonna inn. Home of the waterfall urinal. which is always fun for its creepyness and originality. Also there we heard a little bit of the band that plays in the ballroom. There is a guitar, bass and saxophone, they use a drum machine with songs pre structured. These old cats are pretty good, the saxophone guy wails and just kicks ass. He isnt uber good, but sounds good, and knows pretty much every song they play by heart.

Finally we returned to sarahs for good ol fashioned board games, Scrabble being our victim. A vicious game ensued, ending with my miraculous win by spelling out "en" "ton" and "an" all in one turn.

yes, days are long and hard, but nights in SLO town are bustin with style.

logged by Unknown at 2:08 AM

Friday, November 01, 2002

just a weird string of coincidences. I was going on a blog walk, going from random blogs to more random blogs, when I made it to a site that liked to moxie, who links back to me..... For the first time I went full circle in blogdom, rather a cool moment. I also went to Weblogs.com and added my webpage to the updated list. I ended up right above Supermodels are lonelier than you think, which ive visited sevral times. ::sings twilight zone theme::

logged by Unknown at 10:48 AM

raise a glass to poetry

Nicely toasted. Like the perfect slice of... uh.... toast.

logged by Unknown at 1:50 AM