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Sunday, December 29, 2002

sorry. being at home makes me blog less.

logged by Unknown at 1:02 AM

lack of blogging you say? well darnit youre sooooo correct. its like you almost cared. thanks anyway, it was nice to hear from you. I cant really do much blogging at home, cause the computer is right in the living room and my dad sleeps on the couch and i cant let them see my blog. Last time they saw my blog it died from their poison.

Yea so anyway ive been trying to find a way to make text bring up an alert box.... I can make it happen on regular text. in fact if you click this text youll find some fun stuff. but like i cant seem to make it happen AND make it look like a link. Bah

And damnit Gina! I know you dont read my blog, but you told me to call you and i dont have your number. its all about shooting youreself in the foot.
this post has been brought to you by the people at stream of conciousness dot borg

logged by Unknown at 12:38 AM

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Do you ever wonder what some people are thinking when they give you gifts? I mean sure I really like the effort gone into getting unique gifts, but sometimes that can go wrong and some pocket change wouldve served better.

Take this gift set from the "Asher's" for example. Its hard to believe that this set wasnt meant for two seperate people. I absolutely loved my Kings hat, cup, and hockey nutcracker. But it was accompanied by a Beanie Baby, and a bouqet of "little asian girl lollypops." Im talking about sanrio stuff, not actual asian girls, which wouldve been pretty darn cool.
Now step back and think... whats the connection here?
i dont see the connection, maybe you do.

Some people however know how to give some great gifts. Like the books I got from Shear's. Id never think in my life that Id be excited about getting four books, but I was. No they werent the Harry Potter books, I read those eons ago. First book i opened was "The Secret Art of Dr Seuss". I love Dr Seuss and they have some reproductions of his paintings on their walls (they cost thousands of dollars). I stare at them forever, and this book has all the reproductions and some sculptures in it. Its a totaly awsome book, and is definitly going on the coffee table next to my Imagineering book.
The second and third books i opened were by Micheal Chabon. "Summerland" and "The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay" are the books, which they told me are delightful. This coming from a lady who has read practicly every book writen after 1980 is a strong stamp of approval I can trust.
The fourth book though took the cake. It was the newly released script to Bat Boy: the Musical. There was a smile ten miles wide going across my face when i opened that. And a very strong closer to a wonderful set of books.

Other highlights of my christmas (yes i am jewish) were, money and gift cards. I also got the Spiderman dvd, and a drive thru records compilation dvd.

logged by Unknown at 2:14 AM

Monday, December 23, 2002

Today I am content to go around a read the blogs of others and have no post of my own. However I have been known to lie on occasion.

logged by Unknown at 1:59 AM

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Spruce Goose

Forever being on the outter limits of the blogosphere I was just informed today, well, ten minutes ago, that "Blorgy 2003" was real. And that Goose is in fact buying a plane ticket and is on his way to Michigan to meet Sarah... maybe its the late hour, but I have a surge of energy and questions.

First thought that rushed into my brain was that I would absolutely love to go to this "event." I love meeting new people, especialy those who i sorta know, but have never met. Who wouldnt want a excuse to go on vacation anyway.

The second one hit me like a ten pound blog that left me spechless and a black eye. Dan is actualy going to meet Sarah. Now in the short life of the internet ive always been told; be carefull of links from people you dont know, never download something you arent expecting and are sure isnt a virus, and never never ever try to meet someone you met from the internet.

Of course, I believe that there is full evidence that sarah is not a rapist (though she might become one shortly after the goose flys in). But with their marrige and futures hanging in the balance, this meeting could be certianly historical to the blogging world as we know it. How could I not witness this? its like one of those "priceless" comercials. Think of the sociological implications too. It might cause people to look at blogs more than just a journal, but like more personalised personal adds. Maybe shes out there. Maybe shes reading my blog right now.

"fifteen words
four lines
runing for
three weeks
starting with
'Single male seeks'"

logged by Unknown at 2:57 AM

Thursday, December 19, 2002

You know, I had been in the valley for less than 24 hours before I was asked to tech for the Nutcracker this weekend. Im really not interested, I had other plans, but all those plans are also moveable so I said yes. Plus its not that bad, I get to hang with a bunch of dancers. I just wish more of them were in my age range.
Unfortunately I just learned ill be missing 2 of paulos concerts. One with Diminished and one with Turn of the Screw. ugh.
please I need more song titles.

logged by Unknown at 2:16 AM

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

God fucking damnit! I left my diary with the recent poems i was going to turn into songs in san luis obispo. I have 2 weeks at home. lots of boring days with a guitar and was thinking writing songs would be a good way to pass the time. Now I have to start from scratch. which sorta sucks. I had a cool song about watching the sunrise alone, really emo ;) and was looking forward to continuing its development. But aside from redoing it from memory that wont happen any time soon. i need help coming up with Ideas. If you left song titles in the comments it would be a great help to me (wink wink). The first one is going to be "tomorrows a new day (but they all look the same)" which are the last words I said to Ben tonight. Any type of emo-ish, funny, apparently simple, or deceptively innocent song titles are welcome (as well as anything else). I will not however write a song called "my anus is bleeding".

logged by Unknown at 1:35 AM

Monday, December 16, 2002

Bloggers been down all day, this was actualy supposed to be posted yesterday around 4pm

Today I decided that instead of knawing my arm off I should use my energy in a more productive manner, such as treking on over to the university union arcade and spend some quality time with dance dance revolution and drum mania. This being a ongoing battle. The last four times ive gone to play twice the place was closed, once Drum Mania didnt work, and once my bank told me i had no money and I had no cash. Today the story went a little like this

Hmm, this place is a bit more crowded than I expected. Oh well Ill play DDR as long as noone else is.
*coin drop*
*coin drop*
Excuse me sir, are you with one of the families here?
Uh, no.
Then im afraid Ill have to ask you to leave. This is a private party.
Can I play the game. I already paid. (notice the lack of a question mark, this is to emphasize my level of sarcasm at this point)

Ill never look at San Luis Obispo weekends the same way again.

logged by Unknown at 1:34 AM

Sunday, December 15, 2002

I have just this inner built timer that goes off and just in time for an event. Usualy the event is someone signing offline. Take Mary for instance, the last week shes done nothing but had to leave every time I IMed her. A total reversal of last week when I thought she was the coolest chick alive. Of course being the master of sarcasm and the master of bad timing tonight I throw out the line...
CalPolyBatBoy: Id say hello... but i know that itll mysteriously make you go to sleep.
Towwo: Brian?
CalPolyBatBoy: yes
Towwo: sorry I've been kinda avoiding you, but right now Eric and I are talking about why I dont want to get back together with him and why i need to be single right now, so can I talk to you later?
CalPolyBatBoy: yes
Towwo: thank you!

meanwhile I gave a big angry middle finger to my laundry and opted to accept the fact that I would be utterly cemented to my computer chair and depressed tonight. Besides for making the frozen dinner of course which tasted like your typical monoflavor tv dinner. the appetizer of emo-ness hanging over my head really complimented it nicely too. tomorrow is a new day, but with everyone else out of town itll be more of the same. maybe the sun will come out and I can walk somewhere. perhaps off a cliff.

logged by Unknown at 1:58 AM

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Fuck! san luis obispo just became the most boring town in the world. Finals ended friday and everyone went home already. The few people I know in town probably arent to keen on doing much, since its raining. I dont feel like walking somewhere alone in the rain just to be alone. I tried to rearrage my living room, but got bored and I have no vaccume. Plus in the end there is no tv so my dvd player and cable box are utterly useless. My soul source of entertainment for the evening is you dear internet. How I love you when procastination time rolls around and how you become so dead and uninteresting when I have nothing else looming over my head.

Its only six. There still is hope to have a fun night. Laundry and a frozen dinner sounds like no fun at all this evening.

logged by Unknown at 5:57 PM

Friday, December 13, 2002

I have..

...failed a final.
...a bank that gave me wrong atm statements
...gone into over draft
...zero cash
...two angry parents
...a possibility of having to drop the winter musical because of grades
...to go home and rethink my life.

logged by Unknown at 3:14 PM

Where are the musical theater freaks in San Luis Obispo? I love to take a drive and sing musicals all the way. I love to sit in my room and rock out to Bat Boy the Musical, or Sweeney Todd. The problem is, these other musical theater freaks tend to stay away from San Luis Obispo. True there are some, nearly 100 people auditioned for the winter musical Guys and Dolls, but they arent the type im used to. The LA folk that crave theater and actualy are out of LAs work actors, not drama students from sac town. Ive found that there are plenty of other great folks though. Like the people in the Ballroom club. Not If they arent theater people I dont know who would be. Hell, sevral of them have been in shows anyway and just sorta gave it up at cal poly. Except Patti, she just got into the vagina monologs, big congrats to her! Shes really into it too, her away messages have been all about vaginas lately. She often refers to the show as vagina and when you talk with her she says things like "I was rehursing for vagina tonight." Its rather amusing.
Support your local theater! peace.

logged by Unknown at 12:05 AM

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Roadside Variety (no you havent heard of them) a band that I joke about being in went into a rehursal hall and recorded their own first demo during thanksgiving break. A very cool milestone for a young band. One of the songs they recorded I will have to take some credit for. a while back I went to the guitarists house to help him demo a song he was working on and I ended up showing him the song I was working on a the time, and we ended up demoing that one too. He told me that they were going to play my song, and become famous from it.

Well anyway, they changed around the lyrics and now the song is called "brians stolen song" and is about how they will get rich off me. Thanks boys!
You can download a rough version of the song by clicking here. Theyve got eight total recorded songs, four are covers though. My personal favorite original is Melancholy Baby.
Yea, so check those songs out and have a nice day.

logged by Unknown at 12:40 PM

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

"Merry Holiday Christman Jew Thing Or Whatever" - Joe

I completely agree Joe, and to all a happy Festivus.

logged by Unknown at 12:37 PM

away message land

look into me. what do you see?Up till a few days ago I hardly ever used my away message. My personal view was that it just wasnt worth my while. I might as well sign off. It sucks looking at two dozen screen names with the away icon and one or two who are there. However All that has changed recently.

It all started when a good friend commented that she wished people would use more that 3 away messages. It never occured to me to actualy read these things, seemed pointless. But then after that I started to see the art in it. Goose tends to have inspirational sayings, such as the current "STUDY you fool" and Sandy likes to use quotes "I might go to Yale.... but then again I might not" - Dead Poets Society.

So Ive taken to leaving on my AIM and putting up a away message.
Tonights message "M-I-C K-E-Y F-I-N-A-L" got a number of responses. Josh exclaimed that my final was at disneyland, parents told me to call them, and someone responded with what my away messagesaid ....only without dashes ....honestly. Not sure of the purpose of that one was. And yesterday Dub Sarah responed to my away message which brought a big smile to my face.

From now on Ill try not to dissapoint with my away messages, for they do a good service to the world.... aparently.

logged by Unknown at 12:27 AM

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

here today gone tomorrow. A blog post by Brian Lampert.

logged by Unknown at 5:46 PM

Monday, December 09, 2002

Ok, so I dont believe in Jesus.
I believe that woman are crafty, deceitful, and dont always tell the whole truth.

There is no bigger proof of females control over men than when a pregnant woman actualy convinced three wise men she never had sex.

Im not trying to bash religion. or any religion. I dont have issues with religion. I have issues with women. If ive been hurt once, Ive been hurt a thousand times.

logged by Unknown at 2:25 PM

ph34r my 1337n355Hiyah Matt, welcome to my office.

Thanks, but were at Carls jr.

Right. Now before I get to the more pressing issues I must ask what is that white sticky stuff on your hand.

 Bag Yo!

 Excuse me?

Its part of a plastic bag, I glued it to myself doing a project

.matt whats that on your thumb?.. There's a hair on it too.

 That? oh... thats uh cat hair.

 Sure. whatever man

 That's such cliché crap. don't say whatever anymore

 whatever you say matt.

 that's better.

Now I have to ask, how do you feel about life right now?

Little angry, little bitter.

Jesus is not suitable for children under three.Well at least Jesus the action figure is there to watch after us. If you ever need something you can always come over and ask it.

Nah, he is afraid of my leetness.

Jesus has poseable arms and gliding action! Surely you can't top that.

But he also poses a choking hazard and is not suitable for children under 3. That's just not cool.

 I see. Any last words for the good people?

 flog my blog!

logged by Unknown at 1:04 PM

Sunday, December 08, 2002

there is $150 in my bank account.... Why? I dont know.... last I checked there was $4.95. what sort of demented person put 145.05 cents into my account? I pretty sure it wasnt my parents who claim they havent put money in and it certainly wasnt me and my invisable pay check. plus my last ten bank transactions show nothing about any sort of deposit.

So thank you Wells Fargo for the 145.95 dollars worth of presents youll be buying for my friends and I this winter. Any wish lists?

logged by Unknown at 6:49 PM

Saturday, December 07, 2002

This morning I watched the sunrise alone.....

CalPolyBatBoy: I hate women
CalPolyBatBoy: no offence
meimur: yeah, thats a good attitude
meimur: dont worry, i hate men, so i guess its all good.
CalPolyBatBoy: vicious cycle
meimur: i take that back, i dont just hate men, i hate people in general
CalPolyBatBoy: a general hateness
CalPolyBatBoy: thats ok too
meimur: i'm an equal opportunity hater
CalPolyBatBoy: how pc
meimur: yeah, thats me

logged by Unknown at 12:57 PM

Friday, December 06, 2002

I hate drunk boys. Little immature boys who think they are cut out to be college students. Boys who walk around mustang village at 2 am waking up the place, banging on my neighbors windows and asking for a free strip show and calling them whores, bitches, and sluts. I hate them so much that just now I went down there and calmly told them to leave. But being the drunk assholes they are, one tried to fight me. Luckily the biggest guy of the three was wearing angel wings and didnt feel like fighting, and the other was trying to be drunken peace keeper. Anyway pretty quickly they could tell I wasnt going to fight, and left.
Whats the moral of this story? Well I stood up for my neighbors, only one of which I know, and im pretty darn sure she was asleep. plus had I not gone down there they mightve left sooner than later. the moral is, dont try to be a hero, drunken shitheads will probably leave soon enough, and noone is watching so there is noone to impress.

logged by Unknown at 2:28 AM

Thursday, December 05, 2002

woke up at 9 to do my lab report. Fucked around till 11. ate breakfast. realised it was 12. blogged. was late for class.

logged by Unknown at 12:12 PM

When the boys of San luis obispo go out dancing everyone gets involved, even the sumo wrestlers in the back of Lyles car.

i think the guy on the right forgot his steps

The event which makes wednesdays bareable is ballroom dancing at the madonna in. A live "band" consiting of 2-4 players depending on the week seranades the crowd with tengos, walts, cha-chas, swings and much more. Can you believe it, this week, at one point girls out numbered the boys. This is a rare feat. Noone quite knows why, but the ballroom club rarely acheives under 60% male content. but then again with a face like this youd think the girls would come falling at the lyles feet.

look out ladies, hes a former employee of victoria secret.

That lovely lady next to him happenes to be one of the reasons I go to ballroom. Mary is one of the coolest cats around these parts, that fine architect also happens to be rather good at the cha cha and fencing. the charming vixen also happens to owe me a dance, the cha cha to be percise. You see I forgot most of the steps over thanksgiving break, but I am going to come back with a vengence, OH YES! I will prevail with style and confidence on my side.... I hope youre ready Mary. Brians coming back... with some new moves.

This friday the ballroom dinner and a movie party will be at her place. I'll be looking forward to having a few drinks and forgeting my troubles before finals start.

:-----: EDIT :-----:
McJabber: the guy looks like a dead fish or something

In fairness to lyle here is a better pic.... just so you will believe he is human.
Make me laugh

logged by Unknown at 1:15 AM

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Someone in my row of townhouses is blasting music. And while I can only hear bass I know for certain that they are listening to grease, or at least have it on their play list. This leads me to believe its the female neighbors on my right. I know one of them, shes a fun gal, but its not coming from her room which doesnt share the wall. No I think its the girls who were in a massive fight yesterday which ended with TWO ground shaking door slams.
But why would it be on so loud so late? It just doesnt make sense... could it be their neighbors who I know for a fact play loud music a lot? If so then why grease?! There neighbors of theirs are "macho" men though, it's doubtfl theyd listen to summer lovin.
In any case! why grease!! I was in the show summer before last and I had the time of my life. But the movie is hard to watch, in the same way its hard to watch Nsync on TRL. Its the favorite musical of teenie boppers everywhere and will never die.
Never die like the bass coming through the wall. My roomate is trying to sleep for heavens sake!

logged by Unknown at 12:34 AM

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

So today I was looking around at some Musical web sites and came across the new glorious picture that sits atop my blog. its from someones very favorable review of the show. Hold your Bat Boy - Love your Bat Boy.

logged by Unknown at 10:14 PM

Monday, December 02, 2002

Those guys from that band... A new blogcritics post by bat boy.

And a picture of my roomate just for fun.

logged by Unknown at 7:27 PM