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Friday, February 28, 2003

Ive often pondered about photography as a valid art form. Ive seen some really bad photography, some really good photography, and some that pissed me off that someone had the nerve to put their name on it.

What would piss me off? Well, let me put it this way, you go to disneyland and take a picture of the castle. Your picture comes out looking wonderful, but does that make you an artist? All you did was rip off someone elses work.

I was walking around capus at sunset when I realised how beautiful it was, so I stopped to take a picture of it. Then all of a sudden another girl stops behind me and whips out her camera which undoubtedly was better than mine and starts snapping shots. Are we artists?

The sort of photography I like most are where the photographer has a large part in what happens as a whole. Like using weird lights, angles, lens' or exposure times to give you more than what you could see in person. Also if whats being photographed is a product of the photographer I can accept it as complete art.

Otherwise try to give credit where credit is due. It doesnt take a whole lot of skill to make a tree look peacefull and tranquil. Am I splitting hairs here? is this a stupid argument? I do like photography, but dont call it art if its just a photo please.

logged by Unknown at 3:15 AM

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Gosh darn Ive been rehursing all friggen quarter for guys and dolls. Normaly 5 or 6 nights a week, not to mention nine consecutive days in a row which will soon amount to 10, 11, 12 and 13 nights in a row. For my friends in SLO remember to get your tickets in advance. you can get them at a campus ticket office any time during the day.

If you miss the show I am sure Big Jule will be most considerably displeased. And Big Jule doees not like to be displeased, as you can find out from those citizens who at one time or another displeased him. Although I will admit it is very hard to find such citizens in view of the fact that they are no longer around and about.

Tell me, how long you know the doll?

logged by Unknown at 1:56 AM

Bodmin is one big fucking bunny.

logged by Unknown at 1:07 AM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Whoever searched on yahoo for "real pictures of bat boy" Im sorry I couldnt help you out.

logged by Unknown at 12:31 AM

Monday, February 24, 2003

The vagina monologs.
Tonight I went with the ballroom underground to see one of our own perform in the vagina monologs. I have mixed feelings about the show.

feeling: Understanding
The stories are true. Some are sad and some are funny. I felt sorry or happy for every character, and could connect to all the stories.
Noone should be abused, I whole heartedly agree.

feeling: anger
The show is very feministic. I like to think of myself as a equal oppertunity sorta guy. Im not one to judge on race, or sex, or treat women like animals. The show sent the message to me that women should be treated queenly. Yet I feel that it is much more important to treat people as equals. You cant be a queen and recieve equal treatment.

that goes for gays, blacks, and all the other people who have ever been mistreated, dont come to me looking for special treatment.

Its whats on the inside that counts, and if it aint there your outside holds no weight in my book.

logged by Unknown at 2:59 AM

Friday, February 21, 2003

Recently in a stage managing workshop we talked about saftey. Safety of actors, safety of audience, and what not. We spent at least thirty minutes on what would have to be done if a actor did so much as spark a lighter. All of the things were unsurpising. However there are certain people who obviously dont know common sense, and it wastes lives.

logged by Unknown at 11:03 AM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

If I felt I was able to talk uncensored about my life I would tell you how frustrated I am with women. Well Im really frustrated with myself, but its about women. Ive become incredibly good at finding reasons for not asking girls out, and doubly good at being confused about them.

Matt says that when we ran into Jessica at dinner he could tell she was into me. Or something like that, he probably said it more intelegently than that. But Im just a moron and when she said she wanted to see a movie, sevral times i might add, I just assumed I wasnt invited and went on eating. Jessica is a really cool girl from Guys and Dolls, super talented and friendly as well as fluent in three languages. Shes also got a wonderful smile. I dont know if im a dork or if matt was fucking with my brain. fuck all!

And Sandy cried on my shoulder over the weekend. I have no clue what spurred it. none... whatsoever. We were in Santa Barbra with the Ballroom Underground dancing on the spring loaded floor and on the way home she just teared up. I tried to be unconditionaly supportive, but theres a piece of me thats dying to know whats up. I saw her again the next day and she seemed fine, the smiling sandy star im used to. Could we be any more confusing please.

then there is the proof that women can be extremly truthfull. Mary, mid fall quarter, had a chat with me about prospective guys. Typical, single friends talk. She told me she just wanted to be single and it was hard since there were great guys that liked her. Well, when Myles started going out with her I was thinking she gave me a load of crap, she seemed plenty happy going against what she had told me. But a mere month later they were no more.... and why would she break up with him? Because she needed to be single for some reason or another. The same thing we had talked about before. This truthfull revalation blew my mind nearly as much as it did when michelle called me her best friend. (read epiphany in archives: 7-05-02)

Sometimes I dont know.
But other times I cant fathom.

logged by Unknown at 2:41 AM

I got myself a Deviant Art account (Not that I am a artist (which I am(not)))

I posted two photography pieces here.
I really only got the site to comment on Matts stuff. So go check out his pictures which are pretty darn cool.

logged by Unknown at 12:22 AM

Monday, February 17, 2003

Dancing on spring loaded floor - $4
Dinner - $11
DareDevil movie - $5
Refreshment at movie - $4
Poker game - $5
Konas - $8
Ice Cream - $3

its amazing how little 40 dollars can get you.

logged by Unknown at 1:53 AM

Thursday, February 13, 2003

No talking

This phrase just doesnt come come often enough in my direction. My words have horrible horrible consequences.

Like when I bad mouth christianity I know someplace theres a guy sending another annoying soul saver to Cal Poly in order to make me late for class.
and whenever I make a claim that I know something to be true, sure as shit Im gonna be proven wrong.
and to today I neary broke a girl on a bike, as well as sandys car when I said "Myles open your door." With those four words a jolly car ride turned into a destruction derby as unknowing Myles opened his door right in front of a oncoming girl on a bike. However as the saying goes, :: no harm - no foul - no blood - no ambulance :: The girl rode away a little shaken and Sandys bubble has only a small paint scratch on inside edge of the door.

Im so sorry guys, I should just stay quiet next time.

logged by Unknown at 12:35 AM

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

That crazy woman of a director decided to give most of the guys and dolls cast friday off. What nerve! Singles awareness day comes around and Im stuck with nothing as a excuse when I get the inevitable *what are you doing* questions.

I thought maybe Id treat a single friend of mine to dinner. I mean, taking out a girl as friends on valentines day could help cheer both our spirits. It could also be a totaly boring disaster. Im not looking for an anti-date here, I might even go as far as saying im looking for a real date, and thats why I opt not for this option. Should I think of it as friends or should I treat it like a date. If Im not clear on this point than everything else is bullshit lies. However my inability to come clean on internal feelings leads me to believe that I would not be clear and I would be BSing and thats just not high on my priorities.

Maybe I could hold a poker game. This way I avoid any sort of semblance to a date and just have a bunch of floks over for a nice game of follow the bitch... i mean queen. If we play nickles dimes and quarters than everyone is garunteed a decent amount of playing time. The problem here is that I need at least 5 people to start. and whether people are intrested still remains to be seen.

logged by Unknown at 1:26 AM

Monday, February 10, 2003

You know what, I went ballroom dancing 4 out of the last 5 days. My arms hurt, but this is a good time to reaffirm why I go.

citrus sqweeze: I get aroused when i dance with guys
OficrPacey: Like ballroom, or grinding at clubs?
citrus sqweeze: oh ballroom
citrus sqweeze: grinding is dumb.
citrus sqweeze: i dont know something about a male presence leading me turns me on.

reaffirmed? yeah.

logged by Unknown at 12:17 AM

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I just noticed I dont have archives...... hmmm

logged by Unknown at 2:02 AM

Saturday, February 08, 2003

I turned on my newly downloaded Hercules (one of my favorite disney musicals) and found a close mid day friend in my bed and covers for an hour and a half, as I mindlessly sang and hummed along. Cell phone was off and AIM was closed I was free to rest my tired self for a time.

My room now glows a deep yellow from the warm spring sun that creeps through cracks in the blinds. My fan blows the cooler fresh air from outside through the room and my mind drifts among the current.

For a few moments I find peace.

logged by Unknown at 4:58 PM

Thursday, February 06, 2003

see you in solla salewIf you talk to me nightime on AIM you know that the last words I usualy say to someone are sweet dreams. Its because dreams are extremly important to me, and the seemingly real discovery that happens in so many dreams. Discovery being another thing I find wonderful and cherish.

Im a part of a Dream Blog where some friends and I post the dreams weve had recently. The 2 most recent were posted by me and even thought they arent terribly interesting I love it when I wake up and know what I dreamed.

I think itd be nice to see some more dreams be posted, maybe we need a few more members.

logged by Unknown at 12:53 AM

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

anyone got tips as to how to stop picking you nails away into nothingness? My thumb hurts like a biznatch because the nail is so low. I cant apply pressure on it.
I often wonder what my hands would look like with adequate nail lengths.
Tips and tricks? let me know.

logged by Unknown at 10:15 PM

Monday, February 03, 2003

Now pay close attention class.
there are thirty five people in a math class.
eleven of them scored less than 40% on the midterm.
twentyone people scored between 41% and 69%
two of the three left scored in the 70s range
one person did not land on the 1-100 scale. But rather chiseled a 102% into the far end of the spectrum, sheilded from the horrors of the red pen.

Now what can we say about mr Perfectpaper?

logged by Unknown at 1:31 PM

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Saturday I went to the womans basketball game vs UC irvine.

I had a whole post planned by the time Irvine girls went five scoreless minutes.

I was gonna brag that my girls can beat up Gooses girls, but something went horribly wrong. The anteaters chopped the lead in half, and then tied it, and then beat the mustangs.

The UCI girls shot 50% from the free throw line, the kinda number youd expect from Shaq, but not a group of girls who made 5 of 5 three pointers in the second half.

At one point the mustangs tried sending eight girls in, but the refs quickly noticed this and decided it wasnt fair to the other teams.

Then the roof started to cave in, and the stangs lost by almost 20 points.

This sucks pretty bad. Lets go home.

logged by Unknown at 6:47 PM