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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Drunk girl #1
NorCalPunkGirl: whar did tou do tonight?
CalPolyBatBoy: friends and foes alike partook in a viewing of thee one acts in the cal poly theatricum
NorCalPunkGirl: bir words
NorCalPunkGirl: i'm going itod bed neow, se uopi tomarow!!
CalPolyBatBoy: Dont be hung over
NorCalPunkGirl: bye, i dont gt those
NorCalPunkGirl: not amysterry, mpre like a spuritse
NorCalPunkGirl: seuprise
NorCalPunkGirl: cnat spell bye!
CalPolyBatBoy: Haha
CalPolyBatBoy: good night

Just so you know the total of drunk girls iming me came to 3 in the end. One of them praticed her moaning for me, that was entertaining, and her spelling got noticeably better after just half an hour.

logged by Unknown at 1:54 AM

Friday, May 30, 2003

I feel like those rare magic: the gathering trading cards that noone really cares about. the kind you hold onto because they dont get printed often, but have no real power in the game itself.

I have many female friends, they tell me things like I am a rare find, that they love me and that they wish they could find a guy like me. In none of these cases has the girl ever told me she was interested in me personaly. It may be stupid, but I work the other way around, if a girl has something that makes her special than I am not afraid of it. Though I may start falling in love with her, and that has always been disasterous. It is an annoyance that leaves me single and lonely.

In my life Ive had one person I could call my girlfriend, and yet at no point during the relationship could I ever had said I really liked her that much. I suppose I was going through the motions as a sort of warm up for the next girl. She really didnt seem to care either. As the story goes, I called to see why she was late to the movie, and she said she was pulling into the parking lot. The next time I talked to her was 3 or 4 months later. Tonight I had a girl over that likes me, however I dont even know her and really feel weird. I dont know if its wrong or if I am just being stupid. I realise a date isnt commiting to anything however I never really was interested in dating someone i didnt know. dont hate me, I just am not used to that.

logged by Unknown at 2:21 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

such a shitty time ahead. Ive spent so much time away from homework that I managed to get myself in to a all too familiar position of possibly failing out of college. So I tried to remedy it by working 12-6 on sunday. That didnt go to well, I did programming and managed to get one project done out of 5 or 6.

Monday I had those type of plans, but they were doomed when I went to a ballroom meeting at 12, which was followed by lunch which was followed movie watching, which was followed by more movie watching, which was followed by dinner which was followed by a stroll, which was followed by Nicks house. I got home at 2am. at which point homework was out of the question.

Today I woke up unexpectedly refreshed at 9am, grandly stood up, sighed, and heard my roomate turn over in his bed. This was odd, I never wake up before my roomate. When I realised how early it was I layed back down and did some programming reading till 1030. At which point I fell asleep again. When the alarm bombarded my ears at 11:11 I woke up feeling like ass. Slightly naucious, very tired, depressed about girls, and uncontrolably frustrated over school, Its was a feeling of great anguish, perhaps they have pills to combat that. I probably couldnt afford them.

Preview to the week:
lots of work, not enough time to do it.

logged by Unknown at 11:54 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2003

If I didnt like emo kids Id totaly be kicking my ass for the way ive acted the last few weeks. Ive been moody and down and unable to concentrate because the feelings I had for a girl were too much to handle. I only wish "I was being emo" was an acceptable excuse for a teacher to let you make up an assignment. I did write a song about it, and thats cool, I love being creative and stuff, and I suppose I owe the girl a bit a gratitude for being a muse. Shes the greatest, she met me to talk about things and just for a short time I found the connection, the thing I wanted out of the relationship. Unfortunately along with the connection our friendship is lying in a dead heap. I really hope it will return to where it was, but as I know that thing takes time. Perhaps its the look in my eyes that makes her not want to talk, Ive really been depressed and have a hard time not showing it, some people asked about it, but I cant tell them anything except that Im sad or have personal troubles. But i wish she wouldnt ignore me as much because the ture measure of a friendship isnt found when you laugh together, but when you cry together. And theres noones shoulder Id rather cry on.

Once past my selfishness I can see her strugling in her own emoness, so far shes been able to cover it up pretty well, but she lets it slip when someone might not be looking. Now this in return hurts me, because friends want the best for each other. Something akin to unconditional love, if she had to move a thousand miles away to be happy, even though it would break my heart I wouldn't stop her from it. But the situation shes in sucks bad. Id like to swoop in and slap around some people in order to help her, but there really isnt much I can do. All I can do is offer my shoulder for her, yet I feel it wouldnt be used or even acknowledged. Like I said shes done a good job of covering it up, or ignoring the pain.

Maybe tomorrow Ill call Holly, a girl I met a week ago. I totaly blew her off on wednesday, but as you can tell im not exactly in the mood to go hook up with someone i dont know. In fact I doubt I ever am. Every girl whom Ive ever tried to date was my friend first and foremost.

logged by Unknown at 2:21 AM

Friday, May 23, 2003

Right, so stuff. Yeah fun night fun night. went out to Dennys for a WOW function, turned out to be only BU people there. A little strange but It turned out like any other BU Dennys dinner. One guy steve had his brand new iPod, and it nearly made me cream my pants. That thing is sexy yet simple and practical yet filled with goodies. It is the first thing I will buy this summer.
On a good note i think ive finished another song. I gotta tweak the lyrics but it basicly is finished. so roadside get ready.

logged by Unknown at 1:55 AM

Monday, May 19, 2003

Yesterday at ballroom there were too many guys, and so I ended up sitting down a bit and not learning the dance to well. I had the bright idea of making a video of the steps and then i can learn them on my own. Who knows if itll work. but damnit I will try. In the comments section please rate this post on the Riffin Scale.

logged by Unknown at 6:53 PM

Friday, May 16, 2003

The bat flies at midnight.

maybe not, seeing as I cant fly, but I am going to Comedy Sportz in LA and staying in Irvine tonight. whoopie.

logged by Unknown at 11:34 AM

Monday, May 12, 2003

theres a new guitar in town and it goes by the name of ___?___ !

check it out

logged by Unknown at 1:46 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2003

One of the things I learned tonight was why my shoulder was being cried on.... in febuary.
If i thought I was confuzed yesterday I shoulda just waited till today. the shit I thought I figured out yesterday was all wrong.
You know it was one of those nights where the puzzle pieces started fitting themselves together quite nicely, and while the whole picture isnt finished you at least know what the picture is going to be.

logged by Unknown at 4:24 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I am stupid
I am confuzed
Just watch me live
and be amuzed
Ive got no grip
on reality
so i cant trust
things that I see

foaming at the mouth and sputtering sounds of garbage
migranes are mere patrons to the plan
fuck this guy up and blur what he knows for sure
make sure he cannot prove hes even a man.

logged by Unknown at 3:04 PM

Thursday, May 08, 2003

you ever been at the bottom of a bag of chips and still wished to get your dip on? Thats where I am right now, I have entirely too much dip and just not any adequately sized potato chips. thats why i propose edible glue to the peoples. Put a drop in the crumbs and pull out a decent sized chip for dipping.
Never go hungry again.

logged by Unknown at 11:44 PM

Go here and upload your buddy list!

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Monday, May 05, 2003

Wildflower Triathlon kicked so much ass. Yes it was muddy and there were a lot of drunked stupid volunteers there, but the united volunteer food crew were bothered by neither.
Volunteer food has a unique job in that they camp near their post which is at the end of the camp site. This exclusion keeps out drunken wanderers (except for me) and means we can retreat from the party into our post if we so wish. Which we wished quite often. In fact the only times I went into the party were for alcoholic purposes and afterwards I returned to the company of the food crew.
The weekend was muddy, It rained thursday, friday, and half of saturday making it slippery and sloppy. The mud compunded on your feet, and Lyle made fun of it saying, "One step, Two pounds, three inches."
Eventualy it cleared up, but the damage had been done. The courses had changed their directions to less muddy areas and we were no longer able to get the food we needed to make saturday nighs dinner. In addition we were short about 3,000 pieces of bread, and had to walk about a mile in mud to go get it. Now i realise a mile is nothing compared to the triathlon but it still sucked. On the way back we all carried large clear sacks of bread, it offered a funny site to the triathletes running by, and spectators watching them. However a funnier site is a runner doing beer bongs along the course and a naked aid station.
It was a great weekend of camping and hooligans. Here are pictures I took from the event.

logged by Unknown at 7:34 PM

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Ive gotten very tired of looking at my blog and seeing lots of "white space" (as my technical writing teacher would puts it). Actualy its blue space for psycological reasons.
A forklift? no a spoon.
You know, so many of my posts have been small and pointless. Who the fuck cares how crazy a test says I am, or when my birthday is. You are here to read post full of substance, you want a blog with a pulse and a rockin beat. Maybe something akin to tony the tigers blog.
A sandwhich? no a glass.
Perhaps the reason youre here is because you havent discovered those other blogs out there written by smart people or those who have artisic sensability. Shit you could even go read the blog of someone who spells correctly.
Turnstile? no straight!
Can you tell this is a desperate cry for blogging substance?
today I swing danced.
Last week was open house and this guy dressed in a rabbit suit was chasing a carrot. it was like something outta trigger happy.
No posts this weekend cause I am going to wildflower triathlon to volunteer. Its supposed to be tons of fun, except they say itll rain on us. Poo!
Oh and my cell phone is graced with a outgoing message by Erk, hehe, and she wants me to leave a outgoing message on hers, except nothing Ive done so far was funny enough. Poo.
Cyah later

logged by Unknown at 11:33 PM

this is your birthday song
it isnt very long

YEY my birthdays on tuesday!

I just noticed, but this blog turns 10 months old today too!

logged by Unknown at 3:22 AM