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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ive spent many hours of my life glued to Dawsons Creek. I used to try to deny it, I was a total closet case. Two of my former screen names have to do with the show, and back in the days of "free time" i was on the couch watching every minute every week no matter what.

It is an old friend with tons of memories attached. It colided with real events in my life, and errily mirrored pieces of my existance. All the while katie holmes took my breath away from day one.

Tonight I watched the series finale for the first time, and i will admit to crying nearly the whole way through. It was touching and full of memories. makes me want to go get the season one dvd and watch it all.

I suppose I just want to say my own goodbye to the show and thanks.

logged by Unknown at 1:54 AM

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

added some more links, put my counter back on, and placed my bat boy picture on the bottom (cause i cant do without it)

I think i found a problem with this template though, i cant type in caps at all. It all becomes lowercased. How do you fix that?

logged by Unknown at 6:14 PM

So Disneyland totaly rocked. I went with Hollie, who had never gone before, so I was trying to get on as many rides as possible... on a saturday. I think we managed pretty well, if I do say so myself. This is the list, nearly in the order of what we did everything.

Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Carabien
Indiana Jones
Tom Sawyers Island
Winnie the Pooh
Mr Toads Wild Ride
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
Disneyland R.R.
Alice in Wonderland
Tiki Room
Haunted Mansion
Snow White
Big Thunder R.R.
Splash Mountain

Frankly, I dont think Ive ever done that much even when its not crowded. Oh, and we swing danced at the plaza. That was some good shit, a live big band. Ive never danced at disneyland before, that was tons of fun.

Hollie stayed the night and the on monday I took her to the northridge mall. Why? Well, because she had never been to an indoor mall. How wack is that! Well, we napped later in the day and eventualy met Will Kim and Gregg for dinner. Claim Jumper is an expenive but damn good place. But get this, afterwards we went to the 24 starbucks, and it was closed! CLOSED! ACK! Thats not right.

Well, then it was too late for Hollie to go home, so we stayed up all night on the couch. It was fun, and then Monday we pretty much stayed on the couch till 6pm when we went to Wills house and played airhockey. Thats right folks. Air hockey. We bought an air hockey table, and its sooo cool. That pretty much brings me to now. Now i will continue working on my template.

logged by Unknown at 11:55 AM

Saturday, July 26, 2003

I dont know if it was just me, but my blog looks a little different. Thats totaly weird.

Oh, ok im tired, and look comments seem to be working (i havent seen anyones comments in 2 weeks). Thanks guys.

Im off to disneyland tomorrow! Hopefully ill have pictures and stuff for you.

And as you can tell this template from blog skins is not finished.

logged by Unknown at 2:12 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I dont get it. Bands have tons of merchandise, but usualy dont have wallets. Im in the market for a new one, my living end wallet has been broken for at least 2 years now. I want something from a band I like but cant find anyone with wallets. I tried cafepress too, but they apparently dont have wallets. Booo!
If you know of any cool wallets id appreciate a link.

logged by Unknown at 2:35 AM

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

CalPolyBatBoy: stupid girls
fearlesspookie: whiner!
fearlesspookie: :-) :P
fearlesspookie: stupid boys
fearlesspookie: boys suck ass
CalPolyBatBoy: you know theres like six girls that ive told I wanted to hang out with
CalPolyBatBoy: and i call them and theyre busy
CalPolyBatBoy: and they never call back
fearlesspookie: like really put your nose in the crack wrap your lips around sucking
CalPolyBatBoy: i have that instinct to find those girls
fearlesspookie: whiner
CalPolyBatBoy: :-*
fearlesspookie: :D
fearlesspookie: *hug*
CalPolyBatBoy: no
CalPolyBatBoy: youre a girl
CalPolyBatBoy: youre in cahootz with the others
fearlesspookie: *mean look*
fearlesspookie: *kicks you in the balls*
CalPolyBatBoy: =-O
CalPolyBatBoy: *falls over*
CalPolyBatBoy: *cries*
fearlesspookie: lol
fearlesspookie: see you
fearlesspookie: you are a whiner
fearlesspookie: anyone else would have said that they caught my foot and threw me to the floor

logged by Unknown at 7:27 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

A terrific album! Aww, im glowing.

logged by Unknown at 6:22 PM

In memorization of Gooses post about BBQ’s I have decided to post about something that interests me as much as food. That subject would be girls.
(*cue “worried face”*)

Samantha-wise says its part of being a Taurus. Taurus men always want to be in the company of women. It is part of our list of qualities, right next to being pretty messy folk. She then sauntered off to her séance for a little face to face action with a dead guy.

Yes Sammy is mentioned in the post below, and yes that post is entirely about girls. She hit it on the head.

I’ve spent many an evening thinking about getting a girlfriend. This last Sunday I went with some friends to the 24 hr Starbucks to play cards. I couldn’t help but ogle the steady stream of cute girls going in and out of the working door, and the blonde ones that felt compelled to use the broken door with a “do not use this door” branding. It got to the point where my friends used their special quill to carve “I need a girlfriend please” into the back of my hand. No doubt Umbridge would be proud.

I am such an emo kid.

logged by Unknown at 2:14 AM

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Im starting to get frustrated with my summer. Well, i have been for a while. it pisses me off that people dont call me. I call tons of people. take stephanie for instance, ive called her 8 times or so, and she hasnt called me once. I assume michelle didnt write down my number before she signed offline. Samantha and Gina I dont expect much from. ive called them a few times hoping to make plans, but theyre busy people. just wish next time they had some time theyd give me a call. Lauren forgot to call me back, no big suprise. Then of course there is erica who has the perpetual chemistry homework. I suppose it was foolish to think id actualy see her this summer.
yeah, im sitting here wondering who i could call to make plans with that would actualy return some enthusiam for hanging out.

logged by Unknown at 4:54 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Im practicaly a celebrity.

My history with the Teenage drama workshops starts back in 1994 when my sister started. She was did shows back in 94 95 before i arrived in 96, then we were together in 97 and 98, after which i continued in 99 00 and worked there in 02. thats a loooong time. But most of m celebrityism comes from 00 and 02.

As I walked in the door of the theater i was greeted with screams and a mass of hugs. It felt really good. I feel bad for only knowing the names of about a third of the people that said hi, but daaaamn it if being called Lampey again didnt bring a big smile to my face. Considering the other guy helping out last year was named Scooter I think they had thier fill of fun names.

It was awsome.
*pops ego
Ill clean that up.

logged by Unknown at 11:04 PM

Sunday, July 13, 2003

I was out with the NSFC (Non Snooty Film Conosuers) and we seem to have ran into a bit of a coincidence in the theaters. We have discovered that the movies we pay full price to see are nowhere near as good as the ones weve seen for free.
Movies we saw for $0.00 - $4.00: Pirates of the Carabien, 28 Days Later, Gangs of New York, Oceans 11
Movies we saw for $8.00 (which seems to be a standard student price now): Charlies Angles, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, Hulk, Terminator 3.

On a scale of 10 id say the cheap movies got between a 7 and 9. But the others dont rate higher than the hulk and terminator at a 6 (Chalies angles:3, LXG:5)

this is all in the last two weeks. Of course before that i paid to see Finding Nemo and had fun.

Blah blah blah maybe i should try logical odering of thoughts.

I won a contest! I mean me of all people, I never win anything. BUT I made some recomendations to the yellowcard webmaster for their contest to update the website and I was chosen as an outstanding street team member. I won a free hat and probably thier new single and a poster. OH yeah, yellowcard rocks!

logged by Unknown at 1:59 AM

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Definitly my favorite way to be introduced to a new blog is to find out that it links to me ;)
Thats the case with Three Hot Chicks who, from the looks of it, wouldve enjoyed warped tour emensly yesterday.
Thanks girls!

logged by Unknown at 11:42 AM

warped tour was sooooo cool.
Unlike last year though, the bands I wanted to see had all been clumped in between 4 and 6.
So heres the bands i saw, and an asterisk means i didnt see the whole set.

Less than Jake*
The Ataris
Face to Face*
Suicide Machinces*
The Used*
Simple Plan
Something Coporate*
Dropkick Murphys*
Bowling for Soup
Over It*
Reve Olution * (i think thats what they were called)
The Big Pill*

I had a great time at yellowcards show. It was on a tiny stage, and i was right by the singer who jumped into the crowd a bunch of times. Afterwards they came out into the audience and hung out for a while to sign autographs and stuff. It was really nice to shake their hands and tell them good job. If only I had risked taking my camera.
My shin got whalloped though, and stepped on a bunch. itll definitly bruise.

Simple Plan had a sweeeeet set up. All sorts of wireless stuff and they sounded really good. Great group of musicians. I was ten feet from the stage before they started playing, and had only girls in front of me. They quickly retreated when the crowd surged and did its normal "crush the people in the front" gig. Some left rather rudely. One girl screaming at a dude next to me to move, when it was obvious he couldnt budge. Sometimes girls at show can be stupid. however the crowd doesnt need to push and shove. It would be nice to have dancing space up front sometimes.

logged by Unknown at 12:02 AM

Monday, July 07, 2003

its been a while since i posted no?
Wed is Warped tour in Ventura. Im stoked.

My friends Will, Nino, Kim, and Gregg, have become very interested in something we call ButtRudder. You get a shopping cart and two people, one on the front one on the back. Both facing over the cart. The person facing forward has the job of propelling the cart forward and being a counter ballance while the other person leans their butt far over to the side to get the cart to turn. The thing is, you gotta lean your ass really far over, or the cart wont budge.
its a dangerous sport, I have a bruise to prove it, and it isnt a favorite with parking lot security guards. But those who are in the know, know that it is the summer of the buttrudder.

logged by Unknown at 3:32 PM