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Saturday, September 27, 2003

I know you all wonder How does one play Advanced Candyland?

Surely you think this innocent childrens game was easy and far from corruptable, but alas there are some of us who think otherwise.

These are the rules for making your game more than just candy.

Setup: Each player recieves 4 cards before play starts, the rest is the same.

Special Game Rules:
1. You may choose to play any of their four cards on yourself or the other players.
2. Pick up card at end of turn.
3. If you play a "jump card" you may not pick up that turn and now have one less card in your hand. If it is your last card than you may pick up, you will always have one card in your hand.
4. Should you land on the same square as someone else they are sent back to the last jump square.

Thats it. I would also suggest adding some drinks and more rules to the mix. Candyland is now CandyBitch.

logged by Unknown at 4:31 PM

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hey hey hey, im here and im queer. well... no. i have a girl friend. But i am gay and by gay i mean happy, and by that i mean flamingly so.

I am by now fully off my prozac summer, and I can say now how it affected me, though i was anable to decifer these things while I was on the thing.
While it did not do too much, it did quiet me down a bit. I make a lot of noise that is pretty much just unrest of my head.
Those who know me best know I can be randomly incoherent, even though i try to make sense. That didnt happen on the drugs.

So thats about as much as I could remember.

I think im going to go get some applications seeing as dancrest hasnt called me yet.
its getting that time of year when the poly students come back in large masses, so im pretty excited to see some folks. hurry back to me!

Oh! and Camp is playing at the local art house. Let me know if youre interested cause im for sure going.

logged by Unknown at 3:48 PM