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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

bush isnt impeached yet?

A government that supports a free nation only steps in when people are hurting each other. Emotional, physical, economically and whatnot. Under bush things like the patriot act take away your constitutional rights, and more importantly your individual, human rights.

More than any other president before him bush has pushed his personal agenda into congress. His greed, his hate towards gays, his apparent love for war and killing, and his sinister dishonesty will hopefully not leave a lasting imprint on America.s

No, my blog is not about politics, the underlying meaning is philosophical.

The great philosopher Kant argued that to find the true moral worth of something you did you must not look at the consequences of the action but the morals behind the action itself.

Clinton and bush both lied. It is a world wide proven and accepted fact that bush lied about the need for war in Iraq. It is also widely thought that it is not moral to lie. If everyone in the world lied the state of things would be very sorry indeed.

Now, I dont know about you, but there's a bell ringing here. Why hasn't Bush been impeached? Why did he slip through the cracks.

Perhaps you dont like Kant and wont accept this rag on bush. Would you rather expand your moral judgment on these two men?

Clinton screwed the intern.
Bush sent 432 Americans, 53 British, 17 Italians and one Polish, to death in the Iraq war as of November 25, 2003 (CNN.com). Also remember that over 10,000 Iraqis died by last July and tens of thousands more humans have lost their limbs or been injured.

Clinton apologized and created a national surplus.
bush insists that we continue the war and has created record breaking deficits.

Get rid of the trash in the next election.

A slightly different and better edited version of this post is at blogcritics.org

logged by Unknown at 1:17 AM

Friday, November 21, 2003

Bio Terrorism Drill Pictures

Notice the excellent acting in the pictures.

and also i gotta say Im excited about the upcoming album from the offspring: Splinter

logged by Unknown at 3:31 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hollie and I got contaminated with some bio terrorism substance today (not really). She actualy was sent through the decontamination station (stiped and wiped down by creepy guys in grey body suits. thats about it, ill post pictures later

logged by Unknown at 9:12 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Many of you have known about this for a while, but watch Matrix ping pong (its in flash) cause its really genious.

logged by Unknown at 1:19 AM

Monday, November 17, 2003

Ive been looking at your blogs. Something I havent done in a long time, and I gotta say I noticed something i hadnt before: Each has a character of its own which reflects you.

Goose, you have the blog of the people. Streamlined from funny daily thoughts, actions, and antics, the blog is now professionalized with comedic articles and editorials with high grade pictures. Your frequency definitly shows youre a man of too many trades. The blog roll shows you have traveled the blogoverse and hints at geekdom.

Ben your blog seems simple at first but is subtlely artfull. The posts are often lyrical, and the color motif is maintained quite nicely. You even have yourself at the top seemingly writing the posts with a pencil (i really like how you did that). Then you have a awsome blog roll that looks like none other.

Matt your blog is about the ideas. Your blog has no comments, no pictures, and no flashy stuff so that what you say always has the floor. You conclude at the end of the page with some links and a tag board. your blog is not for everyone, but neither are you. Matt you reverse engineered your blog from a castle to a fortress. The key to get inside lies outside the internet.

logged by Unknown at 12:24 AM

Sunday, November 16, 2003

(I researched the quote that was originally here and it was actually GB senior. but theres plenty of bush to go around so heres another quote.)

"There ought to be limits to freedom." -- George W. Bush speaking against a site which parodys him"

KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: thats pretty unhealthy
CalPolyBatBoy: the mans gonna turn the world against us
KiSsMeImCoNFuZd: too late

logged by Unknown at 3:37 AM

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

You should all go see my sister in her new show. If you live in NY near that area go and tell me about it... i cant get out there.

logged by Unknown at 6:26 PM


Frankly I am not into politics. Like many of my age, I view the government as a corrupt and ill-informed group who, for some reason or another, are fit to run our country.

Recently, however, my philosophy teacher has taken to explaining Plato, Kant, and others by using the Bush administration as a model. Bush has violated the most plain thoughts of all these men and in the words of Howard Zinn "this is the most dangerous administration in the history of the US"

I want Bush and the equally dangerous VP out of there. and I want my friends to help do this deed, and I hope you see why. There is a section on Deans site dedicated to the Iraq war which is worth reading.

And as an added bonus there is a blog dedicated to his campaign.

Let Bush know that you wont accept his draft cards or his gargantuan debt. Register to vote and remove the idiot from office.

logged by Unknown at 12:33 AM

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, for the first time since the borrowing of this layout, CAPITOL LETTERS!

logged by Unknown at 4:32 PM

things learned:
I am not a cuddler....

When I sleep I take up a lot of space and time and like to do cornucopius amounts of dreaming. I value it as the bringer of new thoughts, new days, and new dreams.

I looooove sleep.

To some I am affectionate and touchy, but i am also a twitchy convulsing tosser. I sleep in a whirlwind of positions which constantly change and are not very accepting of outside stabilizers... such as a human. I also like to sleep in a chilled enviroment and human blood isnt exactly nice cold fruit punch. These things make it very hard to sleep next to someone, especialy if they want to cuddle.

I try though, really I do.

logged by Unknown at 12:17 AM

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I saw brother bear also today. I liked it. once again, in my groggy state I cant elborate.

logged by Unknown at 8:53 PM

I waited all night for matrix revolutions and while i did not have high expectations for it I did expect it to be a matrix film.

But it wasnt.

It hints at all the special effects youve seen in the past and winks at the fun it used to have.
im tired so i wont go much farther than that except to say that the look sound and feel of this movie was different.

logged by Unknown at 8:48 AM