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Friday, May 14, 2004

Im sorry I didn't explain much, so here's more.

William and Kimberly pictured together in "Sucking" were in a terrible car crash yesterday May 13th.

William Chavez passed away at the young age of 20. He had a natural love and talent for the arts, especially music. He was also one of my favorite subjects to photograph so in his honor I'm posting pictures of him here and elsewhere. Most importantly he was a best friend of mine and I always felt brotherly love from him.
Kimberly is doing ok for her part. She is out of the ICU and will spend the next few weeks at the hospital. shes expected to return to normal status... But just as I lost my friend she lost the love of her life. Will and Kim just fit well together. I hope she recovers from a shredded heart.

William was a huge fan of "The D" so...

This is not the best photo in the world. No - This is a tribute!

Held up his friends in need

Protected them from harm

Did what he so dearly loved

Was never afraid of putting himself in compromising positions

Wonderboy what is the secret of your power?

R.I.P. William Chavez
Jan 9th 1984 - May 13th 2004

logged by Unknown at 11:17 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2004

William I love you

Will you were a best friend worthy of the world.
I cant articulate right now what Will really meant. I could never articulate it fully.
William the idea of never spending another day with you devastates me mind, body, and especially soul. When wondering what to do with my summer images of hanging out with William were enough to make me spend it with him in the valley. Now the world throbs through my tear soaked eyes.

Lovely Kim I hope you have a full and speedy recovery. I'll see you soon, I leave tomorrow for Reseda.
Its hard to say much right now. I just had to get a little out of my system.

Im sure your view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here

logged by Unknown at 9:25 PM