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Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Emo Album

Last night Ben and I had a fun time at the Saves the Day concert. Mainly because it was a really good concert, and Saves the Day were ten times better than I hoped they would be.

Also Ben and I had fun in between bands thinking of band names and songs that sound emo.

Band: Other Red Meat
EP: My Heart
1. ...on a platter
2. Noose of noodles
3. Liver and Tears

logged by Unknown at 10:06 PM

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Katie Melua review

CalPolyBatBoy (12:37:05 PM): werd
Goose dot nu (12:38:52 PM): yo
Goose dot nu (12:38:59 PM): zup
CalPolyBatBoy (12:39:16 PM): nothin
CalPolyBatBoy (12:39:33 PM): i should write the review of a cd i got
CalPolyBatBoy (12:39:36 PM): naw solitare is better
CalPolyBatBoy (12:40:40 PM): i wont write it. thats more punk
CalPolyBatBoy (12:40:48 PM): rip off the system
Goose dot nu (12:43:46 PM): fuck authority

logged by Unknown at 12:52 PM

Thursday, July 01, 2004

i have been spending so little money lately. I spent around $80 in a 2 week period on food. and that was it. I spent nothing else. Why? Because today is the second which means rent is due... At my new place and my old place. and of course the new place wanted a huge security deposit.

so subtracting my paycheck for those weeks I should be about ten million dollars in the hole.

logged by Unknown at 9:03 AM