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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Woa. another fucking earthquake. Maybe I should get out of the library, the one thats getting replaced cause its so old.
Wheres the info... stupid internet, you take to long to update!

logged by Unknown at 10:18 AM

Friday, September 24, 2004

Save Hockey

so few people know that the National Hockey League is in a lockout that I guess it doesnt really matter. People are complaining about money. suprised?

i would like to also complain that Shaun of the Dead is playing NOWHERE in SLO! I'll see first daughter cause its katie holmes and the forgotten because it looks interesting but SotD was the only movie that I was crazy about seeing. Stupid moviefone and fandango tell me it is showing nowhere near me... Thats not true, i know that Lyle saw some ripped version it at Sams house. Stupid internet you are no help to me!

logged by Unknown at 11:06 PM

Monday, September 20, 2004

At work I finished one of the books id been reading, this one was "nine stories" by J.D. Salinger. This meant that I had little to do but twiddle my thumbs and talk to myslef. Somewhere in this brain of mine I got the idea that "more often than never" was an awsome name for something. I decided it was way to emo for a band yet it was really catchy so I thought about writing an emo song about it. However everything came out was crap. Till I came up with this:

More often than never
I have to endevor
what you think is clever
and things of that nature:
your style, your smile
your smell, and denial
that I hate your profile.
Id like to rest for a while
but I havent forgot
what was in you I sought
still, Im put on the spot
more often than not
and its that kind of tether
I'd rather not weather
for worse or for better
more often than never.

Nick at work said it sounded like Dr. Seuss, Ben has said that about stuff I write too. I love Dr. Seuss so to me that isnt bad, and it definitly could be made into some sort of song cause thats just the kinda guy I am.

logged by Unknown at 1:38 AM

Friday, September 03, 2004

Finally a blog post. By request, this time from the wicked darthness herself.

The dollar tree is a wonder of science and economic reasoning. For the pocket change of 3 dollars, exactly, I swiped a massive 8.8 oz box of Mike and Ikes, a 10.5 oz bag of tootsie fruit roles, 5 mini sticks of slim Jim (I hadn't had one in years) and a vat of lard. (maybe it said fat of lard?). The lady and I then saw Vanity Fair and all its englishness at my precious DCC. A fun film full of all the old english ways... Like the standard quiz of names and faces. Flip over the cards and match them, fail and you shall be lost for the remainder of the scene.

I reinstalled XP. I desperately took every step I could to ensure that it would wipe my hard drive clean and start from scratch. Maybe the robbers who run their spyware and whip my RAM into submission think its funny that I cant do more than one task at a time, and that my computer complains of low virtual memory.

Im sure their romance.com is nothing but a tool. Their mind trick which is designed to make you subscribe to their service? Tons of pictures of girls. Girls who glow by the light of their pop up windows, blow a kiss at their low quality web cam, and gaze unmistakably on the computer screen, or more specifically, themselves. Did all these girls get here by pop up add? Is their computer IQ as low as their winnings at spywarepoker.com?


Maybe when I was done with the install I discovered 15 gigs of space still being harvested by a dead duck. The ghost of hard drives past lingered and tempted.

I ask, "what is earn? and why did it install itself the first chance it got?" The little dwarves in my computer are fast and quick on their feet today, but tomorrow Earn, surely an offshoot of spyware labs, and its bannerfarm buddies may be taking over. Are these parasites evolving into a habit of predation?

I shall take 2 of each .exe and search for a new hope. Get on ye boat everyone, I feel a storm coming on.

logged by Unknown at 1:01 AM