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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Super Hero Persona

I saw this quiz thing and thought, oh well i have time to kill. Entered in Howie which made me the Ferret. Once more, tried Lampert. Thought it was funny. Funny enough to post here anyway because I am here. I am here by the way.
Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque

Your Name

Superhero Name

Emo Kid

Super Power

Can Cry On Command


Trailer Trash Tom

Mode Of Transportation

Cadillac With Rims


Frying Pan

Quiz created with MemeGen!

logged by Unknown at 8:06 PM

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

  • 1 "toastchee" from an 8 pack from dollar tree. $1/8
  • 1 soda from a six pack. store brand. $1/6
  • 1 spagettios. store brand $13/10
the cheap stuff $191/120

  • 2 bus fares $2
  • 4 arcade games $3
  • 1 caramel java blast $3.25
Slightly more expensive stuff $ 33/4
sub total 1181/120. so about ten bucks.
I managed to spend only a little bit i think...
Tuition at poly $1244

logged by Unknown at 11:41 PM

Monday, December 13, 2004

as of today I am a Cal Poly Theater major. awsome.

logged by Unknown at 10:51 AM

Thursday, December 09, 2004

just incredible. The poker game I played tonight was unbearable. I folded crappy hand after crappy hand for two hours. Early on I bought a blind or two, and then my first big all in at the end was stumped by another guy with the same hand K6. K6 is crap, I know, but I was small blind and a fold meant I would be short if I made it to the next Big Blind. a few hands later my last harrah came with a Q6 suited. Crap, but on the better side of the kinds of hands i was getting. Pocket Ks beat my pair of 6s that flopped.

oh well, always next week, and at $5 it was cheap entertainment.

My upcoming Vegas trip with Goose is bound to be expensive entertainment. Im totally excited about my first casino trip since turning 21, and having a few drinks with a guy Ive known for probably 12 years.

Personal goals for vegas:
1. take pictures (my parents hinted they are getting me a new digital camera)
2. save money (look for the deals)
3. cap losses at a reasonable amount (Ill have a budget of... $100?)

I got the whole shabang down pat. The only thing that will provoke some bad dragon smoke is an acceptance to winter quarter at poly. That would bring with it a nice set of pluses itself, such as higher tuition fees and more need for a car.

logged by Unknown at 11:02 PM

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I feel like Icy-Hot. Not the medication because I have never used it, but honestly cold as the ice maker and hot as the oven walls at the same time. No one ever said riding a bike home in freezing temperatures would be easy.
Up the hill warm
Down the hill freeze!
The reverse of a steak thawing in the microwave.
I am so hungry right now I could eat one. The microwave that is, because its broken. I know there are large clocks in the world, but this former provider of our daily radiation supplament is now one of the ugliest digi clocks to adorn a modern box sculpture. The sweet gunk from last weeks left overs would be the perfect sauce for the inner walls entre, and for a dessert tray I think the handle would do well with a bit of chocolate syrup. We are, after all, poor college students and need to eat anything thats cheap, fast, and cleaner than last weeks dirty laundry.

logged by Unknown at 1:04 AM