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Friday, February 25, 2005

the littlest man band

so the littlest man band street team is having a contest! If you follow my link ill get a point towards winning a shirt or stickers or something. But if you register for the site it would be best cause that gets me a TON of points.

why else should you register? One registration opens the whole site. You can download a free song (stayed away too long) from the media page, or go to the message boards and say hi. But really i would suggest downloading the song most of all.

the link again.

Ill be very gratefull if you guys help out.

logged by Unknown at 5:05 PM

Monday, February 07, 2005

Mardi gras went off without a hitch in my house despite "Mardi Gras Canceled" signs all along the freeway and 400 cops patroling the city.

If this were a superbowl I would have said the guns won. AirSoft being the mvp

some cool masks

no mask, just his actual face.

At least we had brownies

All told we had a lot of fun playing telephone charades and then a few late nighters played apples to apples.
If I learned anything from the mardi gras I would have to say it is that the most religious people celebrate mardi gras hardy, and san luis obispo wants nothing to do with them, or their drunken friends from fresno state.

logged by Unknown at 11:49 PM